Buzz-killing numbers

Let's get the facts about single-use cups


Plastic in single-use 'paper' cups


Billion single-use cups discarded each year


Single-use cups for every person


Paper cups are able to be recycled


Million trees cut down each year for paper cups


CO2 emissions from production of each paper cup


Recycled paper used due to health concerns


Billion gallons of water used to make paper cups each year

This does not include:

- Packaging in which the single-use cups are transported, also single-use 

- Carbon footprint of their transportation of the raw material and the cups from the factory to the shop

- Methane emissions from the decomposition of the cups in landfills - a gas that is 14 times more harmful than CO2. 

Enjoying your favorite beverage shouldn't result in such collective environmental damage

Trashless Takebacks and the Network aim to correct this

Within just a few dozen reuses, Trashless Takebacks pay for themselves - both environmentally and financially. Explore how: 

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