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Create environmental sustainability in your community. 

Earn money for your efforts . . . forever

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Trashless Eco-Warrior 


Lots of angst, few scalable solutions 

The waste created by single-use packaging is out of control. Eliminating it is one of the hardest missions faced by humanity: Habits, culture, business models, supply chains and so much more needs to change. 

What took trillions of dollars and decades of choices made by a handful of people to put profits before the planet: Oil execs, CPG brands, coffee executives, supported by countries like China pushing cheap, subpar disposable packaging into markets . . . 

. . . Can be transformed through grassroots action driven by individuals and groups, locally and globally, online and offline - this time based on self-sufficiency, equity and a triple bottomline: Planet, People, Profits.

How It Works

Evangelize, activate, earn . . . forever

1. Sign up as an Eco-Warrior and get a unique Referral Code.

2. Evangelize the benefits of going zero-waste and joining the Takebacks reusable cups network with businesses in your communities. Share your Referral Code they can enter when signing up. 

3. Get 3% of ALL Takebacks purchases (cups, lids, and other future products and services) made by businesses that sign up using your Referral Code, perpetually. You read that right - forever

Grocery/Market: Get 1.5% of all purchases by consumers that sign up using your Referral Code. Also forever

4. The rewards appear as Credits in your Trashless Wallet - which you can use to purchase sustainable products and services from the Trashless Marketplace. Or you can send the credits to your Paypal or Venmo accounts after they exceed $1000. 

More details in the FAQs below. 
Email and phone notifications will keep you informed of every transaction big or small. 



Just a casual coffee drinker at independent coffee shops ... Or an involved environmental activist - the Eco-Warrior program is for everyone who cares about the planet and is willing to evangelize effective solutions. 


Groups & organizations

Environmental conservation organizations of all types and sizes can take their activism to the next level of productivity, delivering tangible results to their constituents and their missions. All while earning a steady income perpetually. 

Members can use a single Referral Code, enabling the proceeds to land into 1 account that can then be regularly cashed out, giving the organization much needed funds to support other conservation efforts. 

Get started

Coffee money, all the way to paying your rent

Let’s say you sign up 10 shops that conservatively bring 5 new people to join the Takebacks program everyday. 

New Cups per month:


Total value at $2.50 each:


At 3% of total value 

Your earnings:



In addition:

If you bring on venues using let’s say 12,000 washed reusable cups, that’s an additional $108 per month. 

If a benefactor or company that you introduce to the Adopt-a-City program makes a $10,000 investment, then you would earn $300

Bringing on major sports arenas, regional chain of shops, and other larger entities to switch to reusables, the number of cups and washing services can run into hundreds of thousands or even millions - resulting in a monthly payout to you of thousands of dollars per month

Passion for environmental conservation, and some persuasive skills to create change can combine to give you a healthy purposeful income.



Trashless is building a deep and wide network of reusables, across everyday grocery essentials, Takebacks cups and more coming soon. You can be anywhere and become an Eco-Warrior.

There are no restrictions on evangelizing and sharing your Referral Code by any means, including online and social media. 


Empower yourself 

It takes a village. Or shall we say, an army of Eco-Warriors. They’ve got billion dollar oil rigs, we’ve got us - let’s go. Actions you can take to be a successful Eco-Warrior: 

Post online, including social media and professional networks - you can include your Code. Don’t forget to tag us to gain more amplification: @trashlessdotcom

Talk to managers / baristas / owners of shops in your area - you’ll be surprised how much they are looking to stop trash and save cash  

Attend chambers of commerce or other business group meetings or events 

Introduce the program to local-area environmental groups

It's a war, with the future of our next generation on the line - we welcome creative, even radical ideas to rid ourselves of single-use. 

More details in the FAQs below. 

Email and phone notifications will keep you informed of every transaction big or small. 


Supercharge your efforts 

There are local resources out there wanting to help their communities become environmentally sustainable. The Adopt-a-City program can be combined with your efforts with businesses to supercharge the march towards a zero-waste economy, and your income. 

Cup Design Studio 

The designs on Trashless Takebacks cups are contributed by local artists and change with every 5000 cups produced, for each local area. This can be a great way for Eco-Warriors to drum up awareness for zero-waste - by attracting local artists to contribute artwork that will be in the hands of tens of thousands of people.

This process is run on social media, using tags and hashtags, with the most liked artwork making it on the next batch of cups on a rolling basis. 


Let's work together 

Imagine if every consumer electronics company had their own standards for USB connectors?

Interoperability is critical for new ideas to take root and we are here to partner with other companies creating solutions - put their locations on our apps, provide our technology or work in other ways. 

Please reach out to us at 


It will work the same way because our distributors share purchase data with us, which we then associate with the shop’s Trashless account, which will then be applied to your Eco-Warrior account. 

Yes, they can! This is a great way for environmentally progressive coffee shops to create more momentum in their local area for a zero-waste network to gain wider and deeper roots. 

Yes, you can add Trashless as a place of work, and ‘Eco-Warrior’ as the title of your position. 

Yes, you can even print business cards. 

Great! Simply sign in, click here, complete the form, and you’re on!

Please be sure to answer the questions on the sign up form diligently. We will send a free Activation Kit to serious Eco-Warriors in it to create change and help achieve our zero-waste mission. 

Yes it does! For every zero-waste Grocery / Market customer that sign up using your Referral Code, you will receive 1.5% of all gross purchases made by them. Also forever

Simple reason: Old habits die hard. Especially bad ones.

The bad habit of single-use is unfortunately deeply enmeshed into our lives and the processes of service businesses. Signing up a business is just the beginning of the journey for your role as an Eco-Warrior. While it will be wonderful for the businesses and consumers you bring into the network (and the rest of the local area), to embrace a zero-waste approach all in, it may take follow ups and revisits for that to happen.

A compensation plan that is ‘forever’, accompanied by real-time updates on how things are going, will result in zero-waste replacing the disposable habit, giving you a long-term source of income. 

First, that would be an amazing thing to happen - and we’ll all be living on a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

Second, Takebacks cups are just the start - there are many other areas where single-use is the established paradigm, and we will work together to replace them with zero-waste concepts - which will extend your participation and compensation. 

Yes! Please email us at if you would like to receive a personal Promo Code that you could give out to give your customers a discount on their first purchase. They will apply this code to their first purchase when checking out. 

There are resources - individuals, local businesses, foundations, government grants and more - that Eco-Warriors can attract to jumpstart their efforts to spawn a zero-waste ecosystem. Typical steps:
- Attract an Adopt-a-City contributor, and have them use your Referral Code to make their contribution, earning you a 3% payout.
- Depending on the package they choose, Trashless will ship out Activation Kits to shops in your area simultaneously. Trashless can make special arrangements for the Activation Kits to be sent to you, the Eco-Warrior, to then take them to shops personally - just let us know.
- As shops sign up, if they use your Referral Code to create their account, you will receive the typical payouts as normal.

This is a great way to speed things up, as well as make sure the network takes deep and wide roots. 

Absolutely! Let the power of the Internet help usher in a better world with less waste.

These are the right questions to ask. Industry data concludes that reusable cups similar to the Trashless cups are overall more sustainable compared to single-use cups within 5 reuses. Trashless Cups easily pass this benchmark on average across the network. Beyond that, the adoption as well as reuse rates go up with density of the network in a geographical area, demographics and the level of awareness and education among both businesses and consumers.

This is where Eco-Warriors come in - helping people understand the impact of single-use waste on our planet, and how Trashless Takebacks not only stop trash, but also help save cash, while making communities self-sufficient. 

They have little incentive today to do much today. But when they see independent shops all around them making the switch to being more sustainable, and feel the competitive pressure, they will come around. Let's show them it can be done. 

Buzz-killing numbers

A quick reminder why this mission we are looking for you to join is important. 


Plastic in single-use 'paper' cups


Billion single-use cups discarded each year


Single-use cups for every person


Paper cups that are able to be recycled


Million trees cut down each year for paper cups


CO2 emissions from production of each paper cup


Recycled paper used due to health concerns


Billion gallons of water used to make paper cups each year


- Waste from single-use cardboard boxes used to transport disposable cups

- Emissions from the transportation of raw materials and the cups

- Methane released from the decomposition of cups in landfills - a gas that is 14 times more harmful than CO2

Enjoying your favorite beverage shouldn't result in such collective environmental damage

Measurable impact

Trashless is helping
turn the tide of waste



kg CO2 emissions prevented



oz less plastic ingested



pieces of plastic trash prevented



miles of shipping prevented

Trashless partners and customers are making a huge impact on the environment and their health—all while saving time and money.

Track your individual impacts 
in the app.

Big problem

Sports & entertainment arenas, events and festivals go through billions of disposable cups.   

That’s tons of trash, millions of lbs of CO2 emissions and millions of dollars literally going to the landfill.