Great events, without a big waste problem

Trashless Takebacks is a fast-growing network of reusable, swappable beverage cups solving the huge problem of waste - financial and environmental - created by disposable cups at sports, entertainment and professional events and festivals.

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Big problem

Sports & entertainment arenas, events and festivals can go through millions of disposable cups, often in just a few days.  

That’s tons of trash, millions of lbs of CO2 emissions and millions of dollars literally going to the landfill (most disposable cups cannot be, or are not recycled / composted correctly).

The Takebacks solution

Trashless Takebacks is an end-to-end extensible solution that tackles this big problem in a simple, elegant way:

Attendees pay a small refundable deposit to get a reusable Takebacks cup at the time of the first purchase.

Attendees register and scan the cup on the Trashless mobile app.

The cup is reused by the attendee for beverages throughout the event. Attendees toss it into Takebacks drop off bins at the end of the event.

 Cups are collected, scanned and washed by Trashless, and are ready for reuse at the next event.

 Attendees receive their deposit back electronically via the Trashless mobile app.

Versatile cups

There are many variations of Trashless Takebacks reusable cups available - each customizable to your team or organization. 

All cups are made in the USA using high quality, local materials - reducing their carbon footprint further. 

The designs on the cups can be crowd-sourced in small batches, engaging your fan base outside of their time at the arena.


Each Takebacks cup has a unique QR code and a distinct fun name on it. 

Via its mobile apps, each cup can be scanned for it to be registered to the attendee. The app collects and presents the real-time environmental impact of each use set to EPA/EU standards. 

The fun and easy mobile app also enables the issuance of rewards and deposit refunds.


Trashless Takebacks cups present a terrific opportunity for brands to get attendees’ mindshare and project their care for the environment. ‘Impressions’ are reported back to the brand in real time based on the scans received by the cups.

Network approach 

Trashless works proactively to bring Takebacks to other institutions and businesses, such as coffee shops around your city. This spawns a citywide zero-waste ecosystem creating wider acceptance and a seamless zero-waste experience for attendees wherever they go.

Generate free cash flow 

Trashless Takebacks’ innovative, flexible financial model will add significant free cash flow to your bottomline by:

   - Eliminating your cost of disposable cups.
   - Paying you for each cup put into use.
   - Sharing sponsorship revenue with you.

No upfront licensing or membership fee for the arena or event organizers.

Trashless is thrilled to join the Green Sports Alliance and looks forward to working with its progressive sports members to set new standards of environmental sustainability.

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