Give your city the gift of a zero-waste future


Hidden in plain sight

Cities across the US and around the world are struggling with the ever increasing amount of single-use waste: It hurts the environment, and costs a lot to deal with. Disposable cups are a big part of it: ~200 million cups/year for a city of 1 million people.

Now, in just a few clicks, you can help jumpstart a scalable, measurable, easy, convenient, cost-effective reusable cup network that gets deployed in your city rapidly and efficiently.

Welcome to the Trashless Takebacks Adopt-a-City Program


Effortless and powerful

1. Initiate one of the Adopt-a-City plans. 2. Trashless sends reusable Takebacks Cups and an Activation Kit on your behalf to businesses in the city of your choice. 3. Watch the environmental impact and analysis of your contributions in real-time, as Trashless and its partners work to solidify the reuse network in the city. Detailed steps in the FAQs at the bottom of this page.


Short answer: Everyone

Philanthropists: Private or institutionalized, with a desire to create positive environmental impact. Foundations: Jumpstart a circular ecosystem in cities you care about. Municipalities: Directly support local businesses to nudge them in the right direction. Businesses: Enhance your brand while doing good. Non-profits: Galvanize your community to create change. Institutions: Universities, event organizers, sports teams can use this program to establish their care for their local communities. Individuals: Contribute any amount through the Trashless mobile app - Account -> Wallet -> Contribute. Let’s work together to create positive environmental impact and stop climate change.

Adopt-a-City packages 

Adopt-a-City: Activator | 5000 ct.

$10,000.00 ( $2.00/ct.)


Adopt-a-City: Benefactor | 2000 ct.

$5,000.00 ( $2.50/ct.)


Adopt-a-City: Supporter | 1000 ct.

$2,500.00 ( $2.50/ct.)


Your brand in their hand …

The underwriters’ logo or message will be printed on the cup, strongly establishing their brand and support of environmental sustainability (Activator plan only).


And on their phones …

Logo and links to the underwriter will also be published on the dynamic mobile landing page that is loaded when a user scans the QR code on an underwritten cup.


Reach the right audiences

The early-adopters of the zero-waste movement are change-makers - like the first people who put solar on their roofs and bought electric cars. Through this program, you are reaching people at the forefront of the fight against climate change, who will then inspire wider adoption. Your support is reaching the right hands.


It’s public art that goes around

5% of your contribution is sent to the artist whose artwork gets printed on the underwritten cups. The design on the cups deployed in a city is contributed by local artists. This process is run on social media, using tags and hashtags, with the most liked artwork making it on the next batch of 5000 cups on a rolling basis. Find details on the Trashless Instagram account @trashlessdotcom.

Learn more

You can’t fix what you can’t measure

Live environmental impact data associated with the underwritten cups, including trees saves, pieces of trash, miles of travel and total CO2 emissions prevented, are published on the Trashless website and apps on dedicated public pages you can link to.


State of the art

Trashless will also provide live, anonymous, performance data associated with the ‘campaign’ to the underwriter, including reuses, estimated ‘impressions’ of the underwriter’s branding, impact and scan through rates on QR codes printed on the cups.


Let’s join forces

We got here because of the power a few people had to spawn wasteful habits and proliferate toxic single-use materials. We can get out of this through the power of the many getting together to spawn credible, scalable circular models. Local volunteer or non-profits organizations that want to engage, but do not have the required funds to become underwriters, can raise the necessary funds from their communities using tools and resources such as GoFundMe - with full promotional support from Trashless and its channels. You are welcome to reach out to us with your ideas at


1. After you have completed the purchase of the package, please send us a quick email to with the following information. We will reach out to you if we have any further questions:  
Name of your organization (if any):
City you are underwriting cups for:
Attach artwork: 
(Artwork can be 1.5 inches in height and .5 inches in width). 

Please include any other useful information or context in your email. 

2. Within a week after that, Trashless will send you final digital proofs of the content that goes on the cup for approval/edits. Approval/comments must be sent back within 2 business days, after which the cups will go into production. 
3. Within 2 weeks after the above, Takebacks cups + Activation Kits will start to go out to the shops, with regular follow ups individually and collectively. Social media posts, press releases, and media outreach will also start around that time.
4. One week after the above, the real-time impact reporting and analytics pages will become live and accessible. These reports will show shop activation, cups going into use/reuse and more. 

The Trashless team will be available to answer questions, coordinate specifics and more. Please reach out to us anytime at

Yes, we can accept any form of payment. Please write to us at with your preferences or any other ideas you may have for participation. 

Entities that cannot participate as underwriters include ones associated with the coffee/beverage business (which can create competitive complications), and those with a proven track record of products and services that are unhealthy for individuals and the planet. 
In general, Trashless reserves the right to reject any underwriter that it deems unfit for participation. If this happens, we will inform you and your payment will be refunded in full. 

Shops that will receive Cups and Activation Kits on behalf of the underwriter are selected based on geography, starting from the adopted city’s downtown and outward. Coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, event locations, and restaurants serving to-go drinks are included. 
The list of shops included and their activation status will be listed publicly on the underwriter’s page on the Trashless website and app. 

- 25 Trashless Takebacks cups and lids
- A display explaining the concept to customers to be placed on the shop counter
- Window decal stickers showing the shop’s participation to customers -
 A getting started manual 

The getting started manual has all the details for the shop owner/manager to activate their shop. Trashless will monitor the activation progress digitally. Shops can call/text/email us 24/7 with any questions or issues they may have.

We will then do continuous follow up with the shops - both active and inactive - via email, phone, notifications and texts at various steps in their zero-waste journey, checking in with them and offering any help they need. 

Here are some ideas:
- You can adopt several small cities together. Just let us know which ones in your email to us. 

- You can order Takebacks Activation Kits for the shops you want to activate. Simply enter the addresses of the shops you’d like them sent, or order them together and send us the names and addresses of the shops to and we will send them out. 
- You can make a contribution of any amount through the Trashless mobile app - simply go to Account -> Wallet -> Contribute. Then send us an email at with details of the shops you’d like us to activate. 

As mentioned above, we proactively follow up with all the shops that receive Activation Kits to orient them to adopting reusable cups. This can often take a bit of time as they run this by decision makers.

Sometimes, though rarely, it’s just not for them. We then give them the options to return the Activation Kit, or pass it along to another shop or entity. This will be included in the live report provided to you, the underwriter. 

Glad you asked! Trashless’ mission is to prevent everyday waste, and disposable cups are just the start. With a range of zero-waste products and services, Trashless has a phased approach to addressing the waste problem in a city, using it’s robust technology and impact measurement platform:

1. Establish a reusable cup network across independent coffee shops in the city.

2. Extend the network to c-stores, bakeries, restaurants, music venues. sports arenas and more.

3. Onboard local, sustainable, zero-waste businesses onto the Trashless platform, bringing them more customers, technology and combined logistics (refilleries, grocery services, farmers, reuse-based businesses).

4. In selected cities, we may roll out the award-winning Trashless Groceries that brings hundreds of essentials from local and national brands in a milkman-style zero-waste delivery service. This may be combined with retail presence as well. 

Together all this will result in a substantial reduction in a city’s waste output, carbon footprint and infrastructure costs. Your contribution will jumpstart an everlasting, self-sufficient, circular zero-waste ecosystem in your city. 

We look forward to partnering with you! 

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