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Let's Work Together to Prevent Food Waste

Food waste is a huge problem. On average 30-40% of America's food supply is wasted. That’s an average of $1600 per family per year. The WasteNot store is an initiative by Trashless and its partners to address some areas of this vast problem, while bringing you high quality products at attractive discounts . . . From dairy products to produce, WasteNot store features just-in-time inventory of products with about half the typical regularly priced fresh food items. This allows our partners and us to help great perishable food and beverages to get to people who want it, instead of it going to waste.

Core Problem: Lack of an Economic Engine

A large part of food waste, especially perishable items such as produce, dairy and prepared foods, occurs because there is no economic incentive for farmers, producers and distributors to bring those items to market or to donation centers. Perishable food is already an extremely tough business. So a lot of it just gets dumped instead of being donated or otherwise consumed.

The Experiment

The WasteNot store from Trashless is an attempt to fix this. We are working with producers and distributors to put up their unsold perishable items here at or above cost. We then get those items to customers, also at cost to us. Result we are hoping for: A minimum viable economic engine that ensures everyone in the supply chain at least recovers their costs. And you, the customer, get items you desire and can use before they spoil, at an attractive discount. No one wins big necessarily, but we all work together to reduce food waste and all of its ills - which contributes to our mission of a Trashless world.

Why Not Donate It?

The food waste problem is huge and nuanced, and occurs at various points in the supply chain. WasteNot is an attempt to address food waste that occurs at points in the supply chain that donations to food banks often cannot address because of logistical constraints. We have nothing but admiration for food banks and the producers who donate to them. In fact we ourselves do and will continue to donate to them.

What to Expect

About half the usual shelf life For example, a bottle of milk that might typically have a shelf life of 10-14 days when you receive it, will be 5-7 days when you get it from the WasteNot store. Never Expired or Spoiled You will never receive items already expired or very close to it. Remember, usually items have a lot longer shelf life than printed on the packaging - just saying. Accuracy & Transparency We will always be clear and upfront about the shelf life of each item on the WasteNot store. Please check the description of the products for details. Shifting Availability The products and the quantity available for each will vary by the hour or day. Subscribe here to our email updates to stay informed on what’s available. No Subscriptions WasteNot products do not come with the option to Subscribe because of uncertain inventory. Always Trashless The WasteNot store will never break the core Trashless principles: zero or minimal packaging waste, local when possible, organically and sustainably produced when possible. End of the Chain If items on the WasteNot store are not sold, they will most likely be composted, fed to animals or dumped. Always the Same Fanatical Customer Support WasteNot items and customers get the same high level of customer support that all Trashless customers get, including our 200% credit back guarantee.

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If you’re a farmer, producer or a restaurant owner/manager and think you and your products might be a good fit for WasteNot, we’d love to work with you!

WasteNot brings you and your products:

Audience Get access and exposure to a fast growing customer base of discerning, environmentally conscious consumers who care about food waste and its impact. Economic Return At least cover your costs while helping people and the planet. Logistics Get your products to end customers all over our delivery areas. Technology Get access to the ever evolving Trashless technology platform that will make managing the partnership easier, while gaining visibility through automated Impact reports, producer pages and more. Partner & Customer Support Trashless provides proactive support for your end customers through WasteNot as well as any issues that might occur.

Help Us Get Better

As we’ve said above, this is an experiment. Please give us feedback through our usual channels: Email: support@trashless.com Call/Text: 512.399.2525 Or chat: Click the chat icon at the bottom right