The Milkman is Back 

Volleman's Family Farm: It's simply the best milk you can drink. 

Delivered by Trashless in beautiful glass bottles that are picked up when a new batch is delivered to your door. 

Yeah, like the Milkman of yore, only better - really. 

Volleman's Milk is Now the . . . 


Volleman's is Now the . . . 


Volleman's Values 


Family Farm 

This is not a big corporation. Volleman's is just a family working together to make the best products possible. 



Full traceability from the grass in the field to the milk in your glass. 


Environmentally Responsible

Helping reduce plastic waste one glass bottle at a time. 


High Quality Milk 

Volleman's Family and their team work hard every day to make sure only the highest quality milk ends up on your table. 



Brought to you from the heart of Texas. 


Animal Welfare 

Lounging in the shade, full buffet, and even pedicures - their cows is their top priority. 

Explore the Lineup of Volleman's Milks:

Delivered Milkman style in Trashless insulated bags. When done, put bottles back, lightly rinsed, in the bag they came in, along with any other reusable containers. Put the bag at your front porch on the day of the next delivery. You'll have fresh milk (and anything else you want) delivered - painless & guiltless.

More on How it works

At these prices (compared to $7.99/half gallon elsewhere) and FREE delivery, you can't find such good, fresh milk, in this beautiful zero-waste packaging, at this price, anywhere else. How does Trashless make this happen? In short, because we are built from the ground up as a zero-waste paradigm.

What is great about the half gallon bottles is that it reduces waste. How many times have you dumped spilt milk because a gallon was too much? Get less - waste less; get more if you need more - and save.

Everything is simpler, more convenient, healthier and modern in the zero-waste lifestyle that Trashless brings to you. 







Learn More About Volleman's: 

Watch the Volleman's Video Series: Dairy Dialogue  


Is the milk certified organic? 
Our products are not certified organic. Having the cows’ well-being as our top priority, we strongly believe it is in the best interest of the animal to not be certified organic.  Organic dairies are not able to use veterinarian prescribed treatments/antibiotics in order to help animals that may become sick (example- pneumonia or an injury), therefore leading to unnecessary suffering of the animal and often death.  On our dairy, we first do everything we can to help an animal with natural remedies but if that fails to work, we implement the use of veterinarian prescribed antibiotics to keep our animals healthy.

We are very conservative with our use of antibiotics and only use them if there is no natural way of curing the animal. Any cow given an antibiotic is segregated from the rest of the milking herd and milked in a completely different parlor (location) until completion of her treatment.  We then test the milk to ensure there is absolutely no antibiotic residual before the cow is allowed to return to her normal milking pen.  

Are growth hormones and additives used in our cows diets?
We do not use any growth hormones in our cows. A nutritionist carefully formulates specific diets for our cows depending on where they are at in their stage of life. Locally grown grass and corn forages make up the majority of our cow’s diets and we mix in additional feeds as needed  (ground corn, soybean meal, etc.) to add the necessary fats, proteins and minerals needed for a healthy, balanced diet.

What breed are our cows?
Our cows are the Holstein breed, which are the black and white cows.

How are the cows cared for? 

We provide the best care for our cows possible. At the end of the day happy cows make the best quality of milk so we work hard to make our cows as comfortable as possible. 

Why are glass bottles better than plastic? 

We chose to use glass bottles to preserve the great taste of our milk and avoid any plastic flavors. We also love the fact that we can reduce plastic waste through our returnable glass bottles. 

What is the shelf life of the milk? 

The best way to determine the shelf life of our milk is to check the bottle cap for a best by date. 

Do you bottle your own milk? 

All the milk that goes into our glass bottles is from our dairy right here in Gustine, Texas to ensure that you only get the highest quality of milk possible. 

What do you do with bottles when they are returned? 

We collect all of the bottles that are returned and we use an industrial sized washing machine to wash all and sanitize all of the bottles so that we can refill them with our milk. 

Is your milk pasteurized? 

Yes, we pasteurize our milk using the high temperature short time method. This ensures our milk is safe to drink while also preserving the taste of our milk and avoiding any cooked flavors. 

Where is the expiration date? 

You can find the best by date on the cap of our returnable glass bottles.

What is the Volleman Family Farm's history? 

From the fields of Holland and pastures of Luxembourg to the heart of Texas, we can trace our dairy heritage all the way back to 1890. You could say we have been doing this a long time! We hope to share the passion and love for our cows with you and your family through our delicious products. 


Our founders, Frank and Annette Volleman started dairying on the family farm in Luxembourg, a small country in Europe. In 1993, after reading about the opportunities in Texas they decided to pack up their small family and make the journey to America. Over 25 years later they are living the American Dream and are still providing fresh milk to Texan families. 


Today, Vollemans Family Farm consists of Frank and Annette alongside their four boys. The oldest, Benjamin, manages the farm and grows the feed for our cows, David and his wife Anna manage the dairy and work hard to keep our cows healthy, Andrew and his wife Shelby run the creamery, and Daniel watches over the baby calves to make sure they can grow big and strong. We hope to leave a legacy for the future generations and love watching our kids get to experience the passion we have for the dairy industry. 

What are your values? 


The planet isnt going to save itself, which is why we are trying to do our part to reduce plastic waste by providing you with returnable glass bottles. We also continue to improve farming practices to reduce the amount of erosion and runoff, decrease our water usage, and to replenish the nutrients in the soil. We promise saving the planet never tasted so good! 


Everything is better in Texas and we believe the same goes for our products. That delicious milk sitting on your table goes through tough quality control procedures before it can even leave our farm. We work hard every day to ensure that our milk has no added hormones and is antibiotic free. So go ahead, grab a glass of our milk and try some for yourself. 


Our farm boasts its Texas pride. We know how much it means to be Texan and the love Texans have for this wonderful state and the people in it. Thats why our farm, on the outskirts of the Texas Hill Country, prides itself in providing the freshest products to you through Trashless. 


Our cows spend their day lounging in the shade, cooling off under sprinklers, and eating from an all-you-can-eat buffet, all formulated by a nutritionist to ensure our cows are at their best health. Our love for our cows is the first step to providing the highest quality milk. 


Growing the highest quality feed for our cows right here in Texas means we are able to trace back all the forages that go into making the milk that ends up on your table. Through sustainable farming practices we are able to ensure our cows get the nutrients they need in order to provide a high quality product for your family to enjoy.


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