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Innovative, delicious vegan meals, without any compromises. Recipes crafted by experienced vegan chefs, combined with well balanced ingredients spells success for lifestyle vegans and those willing to try this. 3 recipes/week, 2 or 4 servings each. [IMPORTANT NOTE: A LA CARTE RECIPES have moved! Click on the Store above, and click on the A la Carte Meal-kits product]

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Price per serving: $9.00

The Complete Package includes produce, sauces, spices, protein, grains and cheeses - all locally sourced when possible. The recipes are delivered digitally.

Note: Recipes marked with * are part of the Complete Plan and Base Plan.

Want to make any changes to recipes in a plan? Just email or chat with us and we’ll take care of it for you!

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3 recipes/week, 2 or 4 servings each (select above).
Base option includes produce, spices and sauces. Complete option includes locally sourced (when possible) vegan protein, cheeses, lentils, breads and more - as per the recipes.

The recipes on this and other Lettuce meal-kit plans change every week, but are fixed for each week.
If you'd like to select the recipes you receive, you'll need to order the ones you like each week ala carte. Please select the meal-kits you'd like, click on Try Once for each.  When done, click on the shopping cart link on the top right, and check out. They will be delivered on the next available delivery date for your zip code. 
Write to if you have any questions!


A 100% Plant-based Diet

Sans Any Compromise 


Innovative, delicious, locally-sourced and sustainable vegan meal-kits.

Recipes crafted by experienced vegan chefs, combined with nutritionally balanced vegan ingredients.


As a vegan, you probably care as much about the well being of our planet as you do for yourself. Food systems are responsible for 30% of the world???s climate change. Lettuce is changing that with every delivery.  When you sign up for Lettuce, you are participating in a movement to reverse the severe impact our modern food system has had on our Earth???s fragile environment. 


Vegan???s have no room to compromise on nutrient density. But often produce which looks, or is labeled, as fresh in the store is transported long distances or held for long periods of time before making it to the shelf. High nutrient density requires shortening every step of how food gets to you. The Lettuce Vegan plan delivers that. 


Our hyper-local produce is sustainably farmed. Not factory-farmed, not genetically modified, and with no nasty pesticides or preservatives. Additional ingredients are sourced locally & prepared with minimal processing and preservatives. A plant-based diet at its best! 

Meal Planning and More 

With the Lettuce Vegan Power plan, here are just a few things you can take off your list:
- Meal planning
- Making pantry shopping lists
- Crushing boxes, tossing bags
- Stressing about nutritional balance
- Worrying about your carbon footprint


At <$7 a serving, the Lettuce Vegan plan is not only high quality, but also highly affordable. It fits perfectly with the Lettuce mission to make fresh, local, nutritious food, affordable for all.


Prepare top-notch vegan meals that don???t compromise on taste. The kits come with freshly prepared vegan sauces and spice mixes that are custom created for each recipe with a vegan palate in mind ??? giving you a world-class culinary experience. 

No More Packaging Waste

Every time you buy food that is individually-wrapped, you are contributing to the mountains of plastic waste collecting on land and sea.   

Unlike some other ways to cook meals, with Lettuce, there are no boxes to crush, no ice packs to throw away, no plastic bags to figure out what to do with: It???s a new, zero-waste approach to grocery shopping.  


That's the average number of trash items that you'll potentially save from going into the landfill as a Lettuce customer, every month. 

No More Food Waste Either 

The days of buying a whole bunch of herbs when you only need a few sprigs, then finding the rest rotting in the fridge days later, are over.

Lettuce plans deliver perfectly portioned ingredients, saving you money, and preventing food waste.

Our built-in composting program ensures that whatever little waste you do have, along with other regular food scraps does not end up in the landfill, but turns into fertilizer for local farms. 



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