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Trashless Lost & Found Tags help lost items get back to their owners, easily & privately.

When you lose something without a Trashless Tags, someone who finds it often has no way to communicate with you. It can be something easy - like your favorite water bottle, or mission critical like the laptop you forgot at a coffee shop on the way to an important meeting.

With a Trashless Tag on the item, the outcome can be very different. Anyone finding the item can scan the Tag using their smartphone, message you and share the location of the item with you, privately, in seconds.

Trashless Tags are super-strong 1-inch round vinyl adhesive stickers that will stick to pretty much any firm, dry surface. They are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, private & secure, and very effective in helping people return your items to you.

Trashless Tags are best for anyone who owns something they don’t want to lose. They are especially helpful for:
- Kids and their parents, guardians, or caretakers
- School teachers & staff
- College students
- Recreational outdoor adventurers
- Sports teams & equipment managers
- Commuter cyclists
- Frequent flyers
- Drivers & transit staff (Uber, Lyft, buses, trains)
- Construction & maintenance professionals
- Photography & video rental houses
- Pet owners
- People who’ve considered Tiles or AirTags, but don’t want the high cost, battery management, or privacy uncertainty

Trashless Tags are NOT able to track location in the background. They are NOT electronic, or need any batteries or maintenance.

Trashless Tags are great on:
- Kids items: bottles, clothing, lunch boxes, books, workbooks, pencil boxes, backpacks, mobile devices, computers, tablets, strollers
- Electronics: laptops, desktops, phones, earphones, tablets, consoles, VR headset, headphones, airpods
- Containers: bottles, cups, food containers, flasks
- Bags: suitcases, backpacks, grocery bags, tote bags
- Keys
- Credit cards
- Clothing: jackets, dresses, kids' clothing
- IDs: passports, driver's licenses, company IDs
- Tools: drills, hammers, pliers
- Printed materials: book, notebooks
- Bikes & accessories: helmets, pumps
- Vehicles: cars, trucks, motorbikes, scooters, e-scooters
- Wallets: men's wallets, ladies purses
- Toys
- Watersports: paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, boats - Wintersports: skis, snowboards, boots
- Appliances
- Boxes: packaging boxes, moving boxes - - Pets: dogs, cats
and whatever else is prone to wander

Getting started:
- Get the app (or scan your new Tag—and follow the link to the app) and sign up.
- Scan your new Tag with the app, and follow the setup process.
- Stick it to a flat, dry surface of whatever you want.
- If you have any problems or questions, you can text Trashless at +1.512.399.2525.
- Go about your life knowing that if you lose your item, there’s a good chance it will come back to you.

Editing a Tag’s info:
- You can change a Tag’s nickname, photo, cash reward, finder message, and other details at any time in the app.
- Currently, the item category cannot be changed.

Marking an item as “lost”:
- When you mark an item “lost” in the app, it adds a red “lost” banner to the page that a finder sees when they scan your item’s Tag.
- You don’t need to mark an item “lost” for someone to be able to scan the item’s Tag or get it back to you.

To start:
- Someone who finds your lost item can either scan the QR code with a smartphone camera or type in the web address printed on the Tag.
- The moment your Tag is scanned, you will receive a phone notification informing you of it - making you aware that your item is out there somewhere, in someone’s hands. Think of it like your item has a heartbeat, and it was just detected.

Communicating between finder & owner:
- The Tag-specific webpage that a finder sees allows them to send the current location of your item, send you a message via Trashless text messaging relay, or both.
- You can view and reply to messages in the Trashless app. The finder replies back via text message.
- Neither person’s contact info is revealed to the other—Trashless relays the messages back and forth.

Returning lost items:
- SAFETY: Please keep your safety in mind when getting your lost item back. Either meet in a public place, take a friend, or have the finder drop off the item someplace safe.
- The owner is responsible for paying out the reward for a returned item, whether by cash or by payment app. Trashless is not involved in this payment.
- The finder is not responsible for any damage to a lost item.
Once you mark a lost item as “found”, it closes the text message relay.

Can someone track me or can I track someone with a Tag?
- Tags are intentionally not able to passively track the location of you or your items.
- Location data is only sent to the Tag owner when the finder selects the “Share location once” button. To share the location again, the finder must select that button again.

What can someone learn about me by scanning one of my Tags?
- The public webpage that a finder sees when they scan your tag includes this data, if you’ve provided it:
- Item nickname
- Item type
- Tag ID code
- Message for finder
- Monetary reward
- If the item is marked as lost
If the finder sends you their location or sends a message, that does not reveal your contact info.

We are working on creating Tags for clothing. Meanwhile, we’ve tested a method you can do at home to apply a Tag to clothing:
- Purchase heat transfer material of your choice. (We recommend Avery.)
- Make a photocopy of the Tag onto the heat transfer material. (You can increase the size of the copy to your preference.)
- Cut out the copied Tag and follow the instructions to transfer it onto the piece of clothing.

Need help or have feedback? Text a real person at Trashless Support at +1-512-399-2525. Messaging rates may apply.

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