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And transparent too. We, like the planet, have no time for playing games.

In order for businesses to onboard to properly, please follow this sequence: 

Get a Free Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started on the journey towards giving our communities a trashless beverage experience.

The Kit includes: 
10 Trashless Cups & Lids 
Welcome Manual 
1 Counter Display Frame 

Free Delivery


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You are welcome to start selling these Cups to your customers. 

Additional Cups & Tags

After the business has received the Starter Kit and has been onboarded into the network, it will be able to purchase additional Trashless Cups and other materials through the Trashless wholesale site/app at the following prices: 

Price to businesses: $2.25 to $2.50 per cup, depending on volume/delivery

Minimum order: 150

Retail price to consumers: $3

Margin per Cup: $0.50 - $0.75

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Takebacks Washing Service

Starting with Austin, Texas, Trashless is rolling out its Takebacks Washing Service for shops that do not have dishwashing facilities, and/or the staff for it. 

At full-scale for typical coffee shops, the price per washed cup is the same or lower than buying single-use cups & lids - a point at which everyone wins, especially the planet. 


Cups / delivery: 150

Price per Cup: $0.49


Cups / delivery: 600

Price per Cup: $0.43


Cups / delivery: 1050

Price per Cup: $0.37

All In!

Cups / delivery: 1500 and above 

Price per Cup: $0.31

- The same exact number of dirty cups as washed Cups ordered must be at the shop at the time of the delivery. If the number is less, then the business will be charged the new cup price for the missing cups. Nothing wrong with this - it is a good way to replenish cups as your volume grows. 

- Trashless will provide bins into which a set number cups fit, stacked - making handling, counting and storing easy and efficient.

100% money back guarantee

If you or your customers don’t like the Cups for whatever reason, or they don’t sell, you can return them for full money back.  


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