Help save the humpbacks

While saving some greenbacks

Your customers love you for serving amazing cups of coffee . . . Soon they'll love you for being environmentally sustainable too. 

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Trashless Takebacks is a complete system of environmentally and financially sustainable reusable, swappable, trackable beverage cups and washing service. 

Save costs 

No more hassle and expense of buying, storing, or disposing single-use cups.

You'll earn about $1200 a month*

Help the planet

500 billion single-use cups end up in waste streams every year.

Let's help you be a hero to our future generations. Painlessly. Measurably. Together.

You'll prevent 1500 Kgs of CO2 emissions per month*

Earn additional income

Each Cup drives extra margins to your bottom-line, and brings more environmentally conscious customers into your shop.

You'll add about $500 per month to your earnings*

* Based on 100 single-use cups a day per shop, costing about 40 cents each

How it works
for businesses


Order a FREE Starter Kit: It has everything you need to get your business to go trashless.

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Sign in to the Trashless mobile app - it’ll walk you through the set up within minutes: Displaying items, setting them up on your POS; and scanning Tags.


Offer customers Trashless cups as options. Charge them for it, scan the QR code using the mobile app,.


Customer drop dirty cups in a bin contactlessly.  Serve their ordered beverage in a washed cup of the same type.


Wash Trashless cups like other dishes. Or use the  Trashless washing service available in a growing number of areas.


Order more cups in a few taps. Or set up Auto Replenish - new ones get delivered when you are below a threshold.

The  FAQs below have answers to questions you may have. Get detailed pricing here.

Our support teams are available at all times to help you with any issues and challenges.

The Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started on the journey towards giving your community a trashless coffee experience.

The Kit includes: 
10 Trashless Cups & Lids 
Welcome Manual 
1 Counter Display Frame

100% money back guarantee

If you or your customers don’t like the Cups for whatever reason, or they don’t sell, you can return them for full money back.

Infinity Cups: Washing Service

In a growing number of cities starting with Austin, Texas, Trashless' washing services delivers clean cups, and picks up dirty ones - for a price at or below buying single-use cups..


The Cup

Tested for months - in coffee shops, and on the go - on foot, in cars, on bikes and even scooters.

They’re good (to go).