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Meal in a Jar is the guiltless way to eat well when you don’t feel like cooking or simply don’t have the time. Convenient: Always have a variety of meals available in the fridge. No last minute ordering, waiting, tracking, tipping, or making unnecessary contact. Just eat out of the jar on the go, or enjoy it on a plate. Delicious: These recipes are chef created, with the dressings made fresh, from scratch. Nutritionally Balanced: Not too heavy, yet satisfying meals, designed to energize the rest of your day. Local, Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients: The ingredients that go into these dishes are sourced from the best possible, local (when possible) farmers and ranchers. You will experience the freshness and purity with each bite, and the positive nutritional impact on your body. Trashless: No more plastic clamshells, styrofoam boxes, soggy paper containers and what not to put in the trash or figure out if it can be recycled. Simple, elegant, mess-free, chemical-free glass jars. Lightly wash after use, and put it back out at the next delivery. Help Reduce Food Waste: This ‘planned’ delivery model, as opposed to the ‘on-demand’ delivery model results in a dramatic reduction in food waste - because we source ingredients precisely for only what’s ordered. Growing Selection of Dishes: New dishes are added on a regular basis, covering a range of dietary preferences, and with flavors from all over the world. We are also working with local restaurants to offer their menu items in this fashion. Please contact us with partnership ideas and feedback! No Minimums, Constraints or Conditions: Order what you want, when you want - get it one time, put it on a subscription - skip, add, edit whenever. With several delivery days available, being guilt-free was never so flexible too! All jars are 32 fl.oz. each. Servings: Considering everyone has different appetite levels - you can expect to get 1-2 servings from each jar - great for leftovers!

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Crispy, crunchy, fresh and flavorful - this Meal in a Jar is a go to for the entire range of how your day might have been - normal, stressful, bizarre, exciting or anything in between.

Vegan ~ Gluten-free

Ingredients: Mixed greens, red onions, green onions, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, black beans, chickpeas, non-dairy yogurt, vegan mayo, pickled jalapeno, lime juice, dried parsley, dried dill, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, dried chives, sea salt.

Jar size: 32 oz

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