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You can find general delivery, operations and customer support related updates here:

Aug 12, 2021
After careful consideration, here are the final details of the Delivery Fee that goes into effect starting Saturday, August 14, 2021:
$0 Delivery Fee on first 3 deliveries 
After that, Delivery Fee is:
$0 for deliveries above $49
$4 for  between $29 and $49, and 
$8 for total orders below $29 
The reason for this is obvious: Making deliveries is expensive and the cost of doing business in Austin is going up sharply. Delivering just 1 or 2 bottles of milk is simply not viable for us at our competitive prices. And now, with dozens of new items available from Hello Jar and other brands on Trashless.com there is plenty for you to choose from to avoid the delivery fee. We hope you understand and continue your support of our mission to eliminate single-use packaging waste from everyday consumer items while making life more convenient and modern. 

12 Noon, June 14, 2021
Due to a system error, recipe links for this week have been updated - they are different from what is on the boxes. Please find the correct links here: 


Italian Market Antipasto Salad with Beef Kielbasa (OMN, NV, GFO): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/italian-market-antipasto-salad-with-beef-kielbasa.html 


Italian Market Antipasto Salad with Chicken (GF): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/italian-market-antipasto-salad-with-chicken.html 


Italian Market Antipasto Salad with Cod (PES, GF): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/italian-market-antipasto-salad-with-cod.html 


Lemon Rosemary Salmon Sandwich with Sauteed Garlic Beans (OMN, NV, PES, DF): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/lemon-rosemary-salmon-sandwich-with-sauteed-garlic-beans.html 


Lemon Rosemary Chicken Sandwich with Sauteed Garlic Beans (DF): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/lemon-rosemary-chicken-sandwich-with-sauteed-garlic-beans.html 


Cajun Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta (OMN, VEG): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/cajun-sun-dried-tomato-pasta.html 


Chicken Korma with Greens (NV, GFO, DF): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/chicken-korma-with-greens.html 


Mahi Korma with Greens (PES, GF, DF): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/mahi-korma-with-greens.html 


Cuban Escabeche Black Bean Bowl (VEG, VGN, GFO): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/cuban-escabeche-black-bean-bowl.html 


Honey Mustard Roasted Vegetable Farro Bowl (VEG): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/honey-mustard-roasted-vegetable-farro-bowl.html 


Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Cajun Spices (VGN): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/sun-dried-tomato-pasta-with-cajun-spices.html 


Agave Mustard Roasted Vegetable Farro Bowl (VGN): https://www.trashless.com/recipe/agave-mustard-roasted-vegetable-farro-bowl.html 

9AM, June 12, 2021 
In our never-ending quest to achieve greater operational efficiency, we are making a significant shift that should also improve your customer experience tremendously. 

Starting today, your Trashless deliveries will be managed by the logistics company Dropoff - an Austin-based company that has a lot more experience, larger pool of reliable delivery drivers and resources to manage our deliveries, and scale with our rapidly growing customer base more effectively. 

Here’s what will be different for you:
- You will receive an email when your delivery has left the Trashless facility. 
- When the driver completes the delivery just prior to yours, you will receive an email and a text message with a link to live track your delivery. 
- You will receive another email and text message when your delivery has been completed. 
- If there are any issues with the delivery, please call Dropoff at 888-DROPOFF (1-888-376-7633) - and their very helpful customer service team will be happy to assist. 
- If there is an issue with what’s in your delivery, please contact Trashless customer service as usual via text at 512.399.2525, or email at support@trashless.com.

We thank you in advance for your patience and support through this transition - as we do our best to make sustainable, zero-waste shopping not only better for our planet, but easier and better for all of us as well!

10AM, March 27
Due to moving related challenges, on Saturday, March 27, we will not be delivering:
Magic Pizza Kits: They are being rescheduled for Monday, March 29
CO2 for YOU cylinders: They are being rescheduled for Wednesday, March 31.
We will inform specific customers directly as well. 
5PM, March 25
We have moved! As of today we are at 3913 Todd Lane, Suite 618, Austin TX, 78744.

A quick moment of reflection at this major milestone in our development - we have gone from working in a falling apart commercial catering kitchen, to an industrial warehouse with upgraded systems and controls. This will have a big impact on our processes, efficiency, reliability, scalability and our operational mindsets.

For you: Higher quality, order accuracy & greater product selection.

We know you believe in what we do and stand for. But are disappointed when you receive a less than perfect order. It breaks our hearts when we do so much right, and just one error here and there results in you missing a bottle of milk, or receiving the wrong type of pistachios.

No more avoidable errors.

With the more efficient workspace, new processes, better technology, and a quality-oriented mindset across all teams - we are determined to achieve 99.99% order accuracy.

To achieve this, we need your help: Please report all errors to us. Without that, we don’t know if we made errors. A quick text to 512.399.2525 is all that you need to do.

Onwards to the next level in achieving our mission to eliminate packaging waste from common households items, while improving convenience. quality, and affordability.

Thank you for your support and patience!
9AM, March 22
We are moving this week! For us to have that go smoothly, we have advanced cut offs for Wednesday, March 24 deliveries by 1 day (4pm, March 22) - so we can plan ahead. This will be reverted back for all future deliveries back to normal. Thank you for your patience. 

12:30PM, March 10

Our texting outage has been tamed and we are all caught up on all past messages. If you have no heard back, there is a chance that your text was lost. Please resend. 

But this saga is not over. We are in the process of changing out our entire CRM and Support technology infrastructure in the next few days. This would make us more breakproof, while giving you a better support experience. 


9:00AM, March 4


We have just learnt that he connection between our support tickets system and the SMS/text gateway (not software we built) stopped working properly starting around March 1, because of reasons we are still trying to figure out. So, while we have been going about our usually great, prompt customer support texting, we didn't realize till now that they have not been going through. We are working to solve this problem after which you will receive a reply to your text. Thank you for your patience and support! 

1:20PM, March 2

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to unfortunately move Wednesday, March 3 delivery to Thursday, March 4.

Demand for our service has been rising sharply (don’t get us wrong - that’s a GREAT thing - thank you!). Add to that, we are still hamstrung by the snowstorm-related supply constraints - delivery of several critical ingredients and new packaging materials have been delayed. We’d rather deliver to you at a normal hour Thursday, than scramble to delivery late in the evening on Wednesday, if even possible. 

These have certainly been a crazy couple of weeks (that’s it? - it feels like a couple of months!). But this too is passing - we definitely feel we are at the end of the digging out from the storm’s aftermath - and are ready to tackle what’s next. We truly appreciate your support and patience as our tireless team does everything possible to serve you and our planet well.


8:30PM, February 28

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to unfortunately move your Monday, March 1 delivery to Tuesday, March 2.

11:45AM, February 27

Quick updates on today's deliveries:  

- Deliveries today are staged - which means drivers are doing 2 routes. Your order may take longer than the estimated time on the tracker - JFYI.
- With the supply chain very crunched still, several meat items were received by us fresh and not previously frozen today. So don't be alarmed if some meat items seem thawed.

- Farmer's Choice will not come in the usual boxes - but in paper bags. We're out of bins! Good news - a container load is arriving - for next week! 

- We regret that your Meal in a Jar items cannot be delivered today due to production constraints. We will deliver those separately tomorrow. Oh, and that product line is about to get a makeover, with dozens of new options from exciting new creators coming up!

- Magic Pizza Kits - the crust was made this morning - so it's fresh and hence not frozen. Feel free to make it right away, put it in the fridge if you plan to make it within about 2 days, or freeze it.  

- Some CO2 cylinders orders could not be filled - we literally ran out of gas! Please report a missing cylinder to us and we will make sure you get it with your next delivery. 

- Some items may not have labels. W're basically scrambling for everything! 

Stay tuned!


Thank you! 


9:00AM, February 26

We are on schedule to deliver Wednesday, Feb 24 and Saturday, Feb 27 orders on Saturday, Feb 27 - our biggest delivery day ever! Wish us good luck! 

We temporarily adjust the order cut-off times to prevent any new orders to get added to Saturday. This will be adjusted back by 9am Saturday, Feb 27 morning as we return to normal. 

5:15PM, February 21

Unless any unforeseen circumstance comes up, here is our final delivery schedule for the next 1 week:

- Deliveries for Monday, Feb 22 will be made on Wednesday, Feb 24.

- Deliveries for Wednesday, Feb 24 and Saturday, Feb 27, will be made on Saturday, Feb 27.  

We will do our best to advance the deliveries based on the improving situation, but we are not sure of it at this point. 



We are low/out on our reusable containers and jars! You probably have some here and there - hiding in drawers and the back of the fridge, right!? PLEASE take some time to dig them out, lightly rinse them, and put them out with the rest of your materials tomorrow.

In this crunch time, you might get meal kits in paper bags, with sauces and spices in disposable containers - UGGH! Ironically, we were expecting large shipments of new jars and containers (branded Trashless! come in this week - of course they are delayed. :(

Thank you much for your support!



As you probably saw in our email communications, we will be running a 20% surcharge on the total charges on deliveries that were scheduled for the week of Feb 14-21 and will be made on Feb 21 and Feb 23. This was meant to cover the financial strain this winter storm has put on us like we’ve never experienced before, including lost ingredients, and higher costs across the board - more than we could sustain without your help. Our mission is to make zero-waste and local affordable and hence mainstream - which means we run with thinner margins.

First, we thank all our customers for accepting this graciously.

Second, we’d like to disclose that 100% of the proceeds surcharge is being distributed proportionately (based on their regular income over the past few weeks) across the entire Trashless Austin team to bolster their reduction in income from the non-operational days.

For complete transparency, this distribution will not include our CEO and our Chief Sustainability Officer - both of who currently earn no income from their work at Trashless.

Now that the ice has almost melted and we have better clarity, we thank our suppliers for working so hard in getting us items so we can get them to you. This is how communities rally together to overcome such a crisis! 




5:15PM, February 19

Unless any unforeseen circumstance comes up, here is our final delivery schedule for the next 1 week:

- Deliveries from Monday, Feb 15 and Wednesday, Feb 17 will be made on Saturday, Feb 20. 

- Deliveries for Saturday, Feb 20, will be made on Monday, Feb 22. 

- Deliveries for Monday, Feb 22 and Wednesday, Feb 24, will be made on Wednesday, Feb 24. 

After that, the schedule will revert to normal. 


1PM, February 19
Our supply chain has started to rev up! Still not normal - but getting there! And our team is excited to get started again. We are looking to make deliveries starting tomorrow, Saturday, February 20.


We will prioritize orders from Monday, Feb 15 to be delivered on Saturday. We will do our best to deliver to orders for Wednesday, Feb 17 as well, but that may not happen.
Based on how deliveries go on Saturday we will attempt to make Saturday, Feb 20 deliveries on Sunday, Feb 21.

Thank you much for your support!


12 Noon, February 18

We can't deliver on Friday - supply chain still pretty quiet :(. At this point we are looking to doing deliveries from Monday and Wednesday on Saturday; and Saturday on Sunday. But stay tuned, this is subject to change again.

Intermittent Internet outage is also preventing us from answering phone calls. Please text us at 512.399.2525 - it's the best way to communicate with us.

12 Noon, February 17

We will not be delivering on Thursday either :(. The supply chain is very quiet - not in a good way. Please stay tuned for further updates. We will do our best to rev deliveries up on Friday.

10AM, February 16

Due to this unprecedented weather situation, most of our farmers, producers and distributors are unable to bring products to us for delivery. We will attempt to make deliveries from Monday and Wednesday on Thursday, Feb 18, if possible.