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Why does the salsa you buy at the grocery store not taste fresh? Because it’s not! Period. How bout we deliver some fresh - made the same day fresh - salsa to your door, shall we? Omar Perez grew up in south Texas by the border watching his Mama Maria ‘Duvi’ make fresh salsa from simple, fresh ingredients. Having worked at some of the best Mexican restaurants - he knows the taste, that feeling people crave from salsa - like what you want to dip your chips into after a swim in the sea, or hike in the mountains or hanging with friends on a Friday night drinking beers. That’s Omar’s Not So Secret Salsa. Omar makes it himself, early morning every delivery day, at the Trashless commercial kitchen, alone, with loud Latino tunes inspiring him to put that local seasonal surprise in each batch. This dear friends, is the way salsa should be. Once you open the jar, don’t expect any to go back into the fridge. Or troll the salsa aisle at the grocery store looking for the real deal. This is it. Delivered Trashlessly in a 16 fl.oz. jar. A Trashless Original Cut off for this product is 9am the day before delivery (they are made fresh to order!)

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Omar struggles to make a regular salsa - regular for him is what would be spicy for the rest of us. Don’t worry, this regular is really regular, we have successfully brainwashed him. And we test every batch to make sure he’s not spicing it up behind our backs :)

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