Lose your lost & found problem.

The Problem

Lost items are a hidden drag for a school and its community.

Based on surveys, on average, a school in the US with 500 kids, loses:


Worth of items every year


Hours of teacher, administrator & volunteer time


The pain of losing beloved things. And finding their owners

Trashless Lost and Found Tags to the rescue!


These nifty little stickers give parents peace of mind that their kids’ belongings, when they inevitably get lost, have a much better chance to come back.

It’s simple: 

Stick it 

Set it

Forget it

When, not if, it’s lost . . . 


You’re a teacher. You’re busy.

And now you see a lost bottle in the school yard.

Dang! Another one bites the dust!

Before Lost & Found Tags . . .

You pick it up . . . you hope to find a name on it. Nope.

You look around to find the owner among the sea of kids. No luck.

You give up and bring it to the Lost & Found area, where it will live, likely for a long time to come.

After Lost & Found Tags . . . 

Scan the Tag, read owners’ instructions

Send location or message

Parents come get the item

Simple as that . . .

For only about $3 per child per year, your school community - parents, teachers, administrators, the PTA . . . can individually or collectively solve this little big problem.