COVID-19 Update
As we all monitor the spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus), we would like to inform our community of all the possible health and safety precautions all sellers on Trashless have been required to put into place throughout the process of getting their products to you. Here are some highlights:
- All team members at the seller's facility are required to wear disposable gloves while working. There is plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the facilities and in the vehicles that all team members are required to use regularly, besides washing hands. 
- The active areas in the facilities are disinfected at the end of every day. 
- At the earliest sign of any sickness in any of the team members, they will not be working in the facility, till they have completely recovered. 
- We use commercial Ecolab dishwashers to wash and sanitize all reusable containers thoroughly.
- These machines use strong detergents and extremely high water temperatures - designed to kill all germs.
- The bags used to make the deliveries in are washed with every use.
Having said all this, as always you should wash the produce before using, and cook the food thoroughly as per recipe instructions. 
All this combined, we believe that in general, and especially during these times, cooking at home is the best, safest way to eat. Because sellers on Trashless uses mostly local ingredients, and use a common, efficient supply chain, and deliver to your door, it is the safe way to cook at home. 

Consider just a few contrasts: Trashless sellers have the fewest possible touchpoint in how food gets to your table: Farmer -> just 1-2 team members at the seller handles any given container -> closed container delivered to your home. Compare this to the grocery store: Farmer -> produce receiver/shelver -> produce potentially touched by several people browsing to shop -> checkout clerk -> delivery driver (if applicable) -> home.

Trashless drivers are our regular team members whose health we monitor. Most on demand delivery services (Amazon Fresh, Doordash, Postmates and so on) use random freelance delivery people - with absolutely no oversight on their health.

Plus, local, organically grown food has greater nutrient density which over a period of time makes human bodies more resistant to attacks by germs.

In conclusion, Trashless sellers consider you, our community members, like our extended family. We care as much as we possibly can while preparing and delivery each product. 

We wish you, our community, and those around the globe the best of health.

The Trashless Team