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Ice packs (from meal services, grocery deliveries and what not), dead batteries, milk bottles - there are so many items going into trash that either can be reused, or should be properly recycled. But, how many ice packs, bottles, and such can you store for reuse? The Reuse Army to the rescue! The Reuse Army is a growing group of Trashless customers who have volunteered their homes or businesses to be drop off points for items that can be reused or properly recycled by Trashless and its partners.

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How it Works

Trashless customers can easily join the Reuse Army, or you can drop off your reusable items at one of the Reuse Army locations (coming soon). Read on . . .


For Reuse Army Members

Thank you for your interest in joining this sustainable and scalable grassroots effort to fix the problem of single-use plastics wreaking havoc on our fragile natural environment. You can join the Reuse Army by filling out this Sign up sheet. Remember, you must be a regular Trashless customer to join the Reuse Army. You can become one by signing up from our home page. This is because we don’t want to create emissions or incur the cost of doing pick ups of just these items from you. We will do these pick ups when we are doing your regular delivery anyway. However, you can certainly choose to pay for just a pick up at your discretion. We’ll get back to you shortly after you sign up and get you started with the following: - Your address will be added to the Reuse Army locations map, with any instructions you provide for drop offs. - Based on your responses on the Sign up form, we will send you materials you need, such as yard signs, stickers, flyers and more. - Thereafter, you will simply check the bags of materials you have received for soilage just to be sure (please read the instructions for the general public below). Note: If you notice that any ice packs or other items are soiled or leaky, we request that you please rinse them off, so they don’t soil our drivers’ cars. - It is possible that our drivers don’t have the space for all the materials you might be ready to send. In this situation, you will need to let those materials wait for the next pick up. - We will not pick up materials unless we are already dropping off a delivery to your home - it goes against our principles of reducing emissions due to unnecessary mileage driven, besides adding to our costs. Your contribution will be logged into your Environmental Impact profile (coming soon!).

For the General Public

Thank you for wanting to do your part by reducing the load on your trash can, municipal waste management and ultimately our planet. Humanity’s future in our fragile natural ecosystem depends on all of us taking action.

Types of Items Accepted

Ice Packs

Must be clean, have no leakages, be at room temperature.

Standard Milk Bottles

Standard milk bottles from Volleman's or 1836 (no other brand yet please), or unbranded.

Dead Batteries

Must be in sealed containers of any material.

Trashless Items

Reusable materials from Trashless.

Materials Not Acceptable

Anything that doesn’t match the description above. Simple as that! No ‘wishcycling’ please - you will simply be adding to natural and human resources needed to process those materials - they will simply go to trash. If you have ideas on how we can create circular reuse items or you'd like to become a partner, please connect with us below.

If you are interested in becoming a Reuse Army partner, please write to us at:

Reuse Army Partners

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