Welcome to Proteinery 

Proteinery works with local farmers, ranchers and purveyors to make honest, pure and authentic proteins convenient and affordable.

Our ranchers know their land and its capabilities - responsibly raising beef, pork & poultry, encouraging strong health and food practices.

Why should you eat locally raised meat?

- Brings communities together and promotes opportunity for change

- Supports your local ecosystems via farms, people and community

- Helps reduce environmental impact from mass production

- Encouraging socially responsible food practices by modernizing sustainability

- Bonus: It tastes BETTER!

Cheers from our ranchers to your family!


Cookout Combo 

Discerning Grill Masters, rejoice this summer! Proteinery brings you the Cookout Combo - the best set of ingredients from 44 Farms and Easy Tiger, for a high quality, delicious and easy time at the grill.

Get Grillin'!

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