This is the Holy Grail of Pizza: Fresh, local, high quality ingredients. Made by you, at home - fun, easy. And quick: 3 minutes to prep, 15 in the oven. That is faster than delivery. Result: The most amazing, healthiest and safest pizza you can eat, guaranteed. Gone before you know it. Good every day of the week. Oh, and no trash to throw or boxes to crush.

Magic Pizza Kits 

The Ingredients

Pizzas are what they are made of. And these bring together the best, local, highest quality ingredients possible. These pizzas are how it’s made in Italy.

Freshly Made Sauces

Most of the sauces that go on pizzas from chain stores are made in large factories using standard formulas. Not on our pizzas, not ever! The sauces that come with these kits are made to order from scratch using fresh herbs, greens, great cheeses and other ingredients - all of which are listed in the Details section of each of the options.

High Quality Toppings

Fresh vegetables and greens from local farms - pre-cut hours before delivery, and packaged in glass jars for freshness and no packaging waste. Specialty Cheeses & Vegan cheeses from high quality brands.

The Result

Simply impressive. Fresh out of the oven with perfectly balanced pre-configured flavors so you have amazing pizza, everytime. And because of the high quality ingredients, this is truly pizza you can eat everyday. If your pizza doesn’t turn out well, send us a picture and some feedback, and we’ll send you another one free or give you a credit.

The Process

3 minutes to prepare, 15 in the oven. That’s all it takes to get piping hot, delicious, healthy pizza on your plate. That’s faster than delivery! No waiting and watching the delivery person on a screen making his or her way to your home, or just stuck in traffic.

Zero Waste

Over 2 billion pizza boxes are used in the US every year. The grease makes most of them unrecyclable. Even if 50% of the boxes are recycled, it takes over 4 million trees to produce 1 billion pizza boxes! Add to that the environmental cost of cutting trees, processing them, transportation and recycling - your pizza delivery is a silent but significant contributor to climate change. None of that with the Magic Pizza Kit. It is zero-waste (except for the parchment paper which is compostable). All ingredients are delivered in reusable containers that you put out for pick up on the day of your next Trashless delivery (or schedule a pick up if you are not getting any more deliveries).

Price is Right

For the exceptionally high quality, fresh ingredients, the little time it takes to make these pizzas, and the phenomenal results, the price of these kits will pleasantly surprise you.

Get a Free Pizza Kit!

Shoot a video of making and/or eating the pizza from the kit, and post it - and get your next kit free! Simply tag Trashless (@trashlessdotcom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and we’ll take it from there!

The Safest Pizza

In these crazy pandemic times, the safest food is the food you make yourself. This pizza will be baked by you in 500 degree F heat for 15 minutes - killing any possible germs. That can’t be said about pizza delivery/take out.

Great for Everyone

Busy parents, kids, college students, expert cooks, and even people who never cook - these pizza kits are easy, fast, healthy and affordable.

Great for Pizza Parties

Get a few kits and have a pizza party you’ll be proud of. Add additional items like salad mixes to your delivery to cover all the bases.

Great for Shared Kitchens

Everyone loves pizza - so why not make it together! Quick, easy, fun, healthy - with perfect results.