Pick up points are community members offering their homes and small businesses for YOU to pick up your Trashless delivery.

Become a Pick Up PointLocations


Pick Up Points take the Trashless mission further by helping make sustainable grocery shopping more convenient, affordable and accessible, while increasing sustainability and reducing urban transportation clutter.

There is NO delivery fee when you choose to pick up your order from a Pick Up Point. No Minimums, No Commitments, No Fee.

New Orders

Click on the location icon on the top of any page on the site. Select a Pick Up Point of your choosing. All products across the entire site will adjust to the schedule of the Pick Up Point.

Changing Existing One-time Orders

Click on the Edit button of each product in your delivery. Tap the delivery address and select the Pick Up Point. Tap Save.

Changing Existing Subscription Orders

Tap on the Edit button of each product in your delivery. Select the Subscriptions Tab. Tap the Zip code and select the Pick Up Point. Tap Save. All future orders of this product will be set to that new address.

We are here to help!

Unfortunately due to the complexity involved, there is yet no way to change the address of an entire delivery to a new one. We are working on that. But our support team is here to help! Simply send a quick text (512.399.2525) or email (support@trashless.com) like: ‘Change all my future deliveries to this Pick Up Point: ___’ - and we will take care of it for you! Thank you for your patience and support!

Along with our residential pick up points, we have partnered with local businesses! Here are our featured spots available to you.

Local PUPs

Mi Mundo Coffee 106 S Mays St #100, Round Rock, TX 78664 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Park and come inside the store for picking up your order at the counter.


Can I drop off icepacks at pick up points? Yes! Make sure they are in Trashless bags or a sturdy box so our drivers can easily put them in their cars What if there is a problem with my order? Call or text us, the pick up point partners have nothing to do with the orders themselves. What if I miss the pick up window? Please communicate with the Pick Up Point partner and the Trashless customer support team to make arrangements. Safety Pick Up Point are required to not open the delivery bags. It is like ordering groceries or food from Instacart or Doordash - the trust you put in the driver, is the same trust you can put in your Pick Up Point. Weather Issues When there is inclement weather, we will reach out with course of action to follow. Compost No compostables are allowed to be dropped off at Pick Up Points.

Interested in becoming a partner?

PUP Partners have the opportunity to make passive income by simply staying home while contributing to and handing off Trashless deliveries to a designated number of Trashless Customers. Choose what days work best for you, we will deliver their deliveries to you and the process is simple!