Plant-based Milks

Like No Other

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Hours, Not Months 

Freshly prepared and chilled the day before it is delivered to you. Taste the difference. 

Nothin' But Milk 

You want to drink plant-based milk, probably partly because it is better for the environment, right? Great! Now you can do it without contributing to the plastic packaging littering our beautiful planet.  


Design Blocks

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What You See is What You Get   

Typical packaged nut milks (like the Silk brand) contain stuff like: Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Cane Sugar, and other additives. 

NUMILKs: Organic Nuts, Himalayan Pink Salt, Filtered Water (via a 6-stage filtration process) and Organic Maple Syrup (for 'original' versions). That's It. 

Now you don't have to put that crap into your body. 

The Good Stuff, Even Better 

No compromise ingredients. Go organic where it matters. 



Guiltlessly Good 

Not a lot of variety of nuts are grown in Texas. But plenty of water here! Why bear the carbon footprint of transporting water long distances when the milk can be made locally? 

Decadent, Yet Balanced 

Creamy and satisfying, as opposed to watery and synthetic, that most other plant-based milks taste like. 


Almond Milk 

Fresh Almond Milk that actually tastes and smells like Almonds.



Oat Milk 

The most guiltlessly good Oat Milk you can have.



Cashew Milk