There are 2 ways you can have Trashless meal-kits delivered to your door - in a regular package of 3 recipes each - a meal-kit plan (with various options), or as individual 'a la carte' kits.

The 3 recipes on each of our meal-kit plans change every week. If you subscribe to a plan, those are the recipes you will receive, unless you request a change. You can request any changes - swaps, add, remove, mix and match from any plan - simply send an email to, send a text message at 512.399.2525, or send a chat message chat feature on the bottom right of each page, and we will take care of everything. It needs to be as simple as 'Swap this with that' - and we'll take it from there.

You can get a meal-kit plan just once, or subscribe to it once a week, once in 2 weeks and once in 4 weeks. You can make any changes you like: You can skip, change frequency, address or set a new next delivery date/regular day. The cut off time for you to make changes or to skip your next delivery is 5pm, 2 days before the delivery. So for Saturday delivery, it is Thursday 5pm.

Some of our meal-kit plans have 2 options:
- BASE Plans include produce, spice mixes and dressing, pre-portioned to included recipes.
- COMPLETE Plans add meats, fish, other protein, lentils, breads, cheeses and more to the Base plans - no need to visit the grocery store.

Typical pantry items such as salt, oils, butter are not included. ​

Please check the product listings to see what plans have which options, because this changes from time to time.

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. We will schedule to pick up the containers and other materials. There may be a $25 fee in case you do not return those items.

You can get any combination of meal-kits you'd like, a la carte. Simply go to the Store from the top menu, and click on the product 'A la Carte meal-kits' and you’ll find individual recipes available. Add the ones you like to Cart and then check out. You will pick your delivery day from the available upcoming delivery days in your area in the check out process.

Subscriptions need to be ordered one by one. Click on the Subscribe button and follow the rest of the steps, including picking your first day of delivery (based on your zip code - please read below), which will become your regular delivery day as well.

1. Each meal-kit container will have a QR code, along with the name of the recipe on it. Simply start the camera on your internet connected phone/tablet, point it at the code. Tap on the prompt that will appear on the top of the screen after the code is successfully scanned. In a couple of seconds it will take you to directly to the recipe page on Loconomy.
2. In case you have trouble with the QR code, you can always go to the page of the product you are subscribed to, scroll down to the Recipes section, browse the carousel to find the right recipe and click/tap on it to get to the recipe page.
3. Links to print-friendly versions of the recipe are included in the weekly email you will receive every Friday, and the email you will receive on the day of the delivery.

MEAL-KIT PLANS: New recipes for the next week go live on Thursday of the week before at 5 PM.

Deliveries are typically occur in the afternoon (2pm-6pm) - depending on your location, traffic and weather. You can log into your Loconomy account, go to My Orders and see if the delivery is on the way or not. When the delivery is on the way, you will receive a link to track it live, via email.

All the a la carte meal-kits are tagged for various allergens. But it is very important to know that all meal-kits are prepared in a facility where all eight major food allergens are also processed. So, if you have a specific medical food allergy, we would recommend you do not order our products.

We will pick up previous week’s containers and other materials when making the delivery – you will need to put them outside your door. You will receive an email titled ‘Trashless Confidential’ that will remind you to put the bags out.

Our processes and materials used change with the seasons, weather patterns and other local factors. For instance, during the hot summers of Austin, we use extra, high quality insulation in our packaging that keep ingredients cold/frozen even when exposed to the hot sun. We may also suggest that you put out a cooler into which we can leave the deliveries.

You will receive additional notifications with everything you need to know at every step of the way. You can always write to us at anytime with questions or changes you’d like to make.

Delivery Schedule & Policies

You can find our current delivery areas by going to the Delivery Areas link from the top menu on the store.

We are always open to adding new delivery areas. Please send us an email at: help @ and we will do our best to bring Trashless deliveries to your area.

Please customize your Loconomy experience to your area by entering your address at the top of the page. Then your store will be customized to your area. You will be able to pick your first and regular day of delivery at the time of checking out with your plan.

You can add multiple subscriptions, or add a la carte recipes to your plans as you please.

Note: We don’t deliver on Thursdays and on US holidays, or if there is severe weather that is affecting harvesting, operations or delivery.

Refund Policy

We have a flexible refund policy - just tell us what issues you faced with a delivery, and we will work with you to correct things. We believe in going out of our way to serve our customers.

Any orders cancelled/skipped before the cutoff, will of course be refunded in full.

Payment Schedule & Policy

For our meal-kit plans, your credit card on file with Loconomy will be automatically charged right after the cutoff time has passed.

A la carte orders will be charged at the time the order is placed.

About the Seller

Prepare amazing meals from incredibly fresh, hyper local ingredients, delivered in zero-waste packaging.