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MORE BEAUTY. LESS WASTE. Welcome to Luxe Refill, a 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly bath and beauty line lovingly manufactured in Austin, TX. NATURAL BEAUTY We use all-natural ingredients that are safe, ethical and good for the body. Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Colors & Fragrances are never invited to our party. 100% SUSTAINABLE Enjoy - Refill - Repeat: Each Luxe Refill bath and beauty product is housed in our signature, zero-waste containers that can be refilled, re-used and never thrown out.

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Luxe Refill is the answer to a growing frustration over the excessive waste of single-use bath and beauty products that dominate the self-care industry. Visions of overflowing landfills and polluted oceans at the end of every plastic shampoo or lotion bottle distressed Luxe Refill founder, Cristina Guerra. So, she set out to find a bath and beauty line with sustainable packaging... and found the industry lacking. Already a bulk refill consumer in other areas of her life, she set out to solve the problem of waste in the self-care industry by creating a line of eco-friendly bath and beauty products formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, and delivered in 100% sustainable packaging that can be refilled and re-used, rather than thrown away. By using Luxe Refill products, delivered by Trashless, consumers can feel good about taking steps toward preserving earth’s precious resources by embracing a zero-waste bath and beauty routine - every step counts on this journey.

How It Works

Luxe Refill products work the same way as all other products delivered by Trashless:

1. Order Initial Products

Choose from a wide range of items, sizes and scent options. You can get trial sizes of most products for only $2! It’s a low risk way for you to test out the scent, judge the quality for yourself, before you get a larger size. Supplies for trial sizes are limited.

2. Refill

When you run low, Scan the QR code on the container, pick the product and options you want, Tap Order, and you’re Done. When your Refill arrives, remove the pump or dispensing cap, and rinse the container lightly. Swap the lid from the refill with your pump. You will only get a new pump on refills if you request it. When you’re ready to return empty bottles, put them in their original bags and set them out for your next Trashless delivery day

Money-back Guarantee

If you don’t like any product, simply return it for 100% money back.

Why This? Why Now?

Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of the planet.

Packaging Waste

A majority of the beauty industry relies on plastic for packaging, whether it be the plastic encasing your new face cream or the cardboard from your recent online purchase. All of these, if not recycled properly, end up bobbing around in the ocean or sitting in a landfill. Think of how many shampoo bottles you've gone through over the past few years, often made from plastic that is actually not recyclable. Luxe Refill aims to revolutionize an industry saturated by immensely wasteful single use plastics.

Cruelty Free

80% of the world still allows and frequently uses animal testing as a resource for trials of new beauty products before entering the market. Luxe Refills is 100% cruelty free and all but one product is vegan (Activated Charcoal Deodorant contains beeswax). This is a simple, guiltless way to consume high quality bath and beauty products.

Sustainable is Beautiful

Products That are Better for You . .

We’ve all heard the term parabens thrown around, but what does it really mean? Parabens are used to prolong the shelf life of many shampoos and conditioners. They are linked to dry skin, and are damaging to the strength of your hair. Don’t be fooled by the aromas from brands like Bath and Body Works either - they have been chemically created to attract us into a store filled with artificial scents and plastic packaging. Luxe Refill aims to revolutionize an industry saturated by immensely wasteful single use plastics.

. . . And Better for the Planet

Cristina created this line of products with her family in mind, wanting them to use the most sustainable, natural products. Vegan, cruelty-free, all natural, high quality products that anyone can use safely. And most importantly these are products she trusted enough to make for her kids and husband to use everyday.