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Waste from ready to eat food is enormous

Delivery, takeout, delis, or grocery stores - the packaging waste created by it all is contributing to climate change and contaminating waterways and oceans. Hello Jar fixes that. Every item is delivered in reusable glass or metal containers. Simply put them out front at the next delivery - they’ll be picked up, sanitized and reused.

Local, Fresh, Seasonal

You will experience the freshness and purity with each bite, and the positive nutritional impact on your body. Say hello to the truly fresh and local, and goodbye to frozen meals made thousands of miles away, and flown in with gooey ice packs. Putting the word fresh in a brand name doesn't actually make it fresh.

Support Local

Hello Jar harnesses the creativity and energy in local food communities. It’s a lot better than getting generic frozen meals delivered from some factory somewhere far away. Hello Jar and it's growing roster of producer partners are constantly adding new items, tweaking new items based on seasons and your feedback.

Reduce Food Waste

Here’s how: Hello Jar producers get orders in advance and create exactly the items that were ordered, vs. having no idea how many orders they will receive on a given day, over ordering ingredients so they don’t run out - resulting in serious food waste and higher prices.

Location Doesn't Matter

Your favorite restaurant is at the other end of the city? Probably too far for food delivery apps. Not for Hello Jar. We source from amazing creators all over the city and deliver to you no matter where you live.

Nutrient Dense Meals

Reusable containers lends itself to healthier food - not too heavy, nothing deep fried, nothing frozen or canned and no preservatives or fillers - just made-from-scratch satisfying meals that are designed to energize the rest of your day.

Want to see your culinary creation in a Hello Jar?

All of our producers are not only the providers of your next fresh meal but they are part of a community of like minded individuals aiming to deliver good food and save our environment one jar at a time. We make it easy to advertise your Hello Jar to our customers, and the drop off delivery process is easy as pie.

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