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FYH: For Your Health. Pronounced: fhi - like saying fi and hi together. Try it. Upfront: This ketchup is about twice the price of your usual H ketchup. If, like most households, ketchup is the most consumed condiment in yours, then for ONLY a couple of more bucks, you could be reaching for REAL ketchup that’s much better, in every way possible: Local ingredients: Fresh tomatoes and onions - not tomato concentrate processed gosh know where and when, and onion powder (yeah, read the store bought label). Picked well: We carefully hand pick each produce item that goes in. Not forklifts dumping tomatoes in large factories. Made in small batches the day before each delivery: We make, not manufacture. Real organic sugar: Not high fructose corn syrup. With Apple Cider Vinegar: Known to be good for health in many ways. No preservatives. Delivered in a beautiful glass bottle. You don’t get your wine in plastic bottles, why should you have your ketchup in it? And, Trashless of course - no packaging waste. It’s ketchup - the way it is supposed to be. Yeah, it’s twice the price, but also thrice as nice. Just 2 varieties: Traditional & Packs Heat. Consume within 4 weeks of delivery. Keep refrigerated at all times. Note 1: FYH has no meaning other than For Your Health ;). We are not responsible for figments of your imagination, or ours. Note 2: The taste may vary seasonally as tomato varieties change. If you like your ketchup to have the same exact taste every time, throughout your lifetime, this is not for you - go back to your H ;) A Trashless Original Cut off for this product is 9am the day before delivery (they are made fresh to order!)


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