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The farmer’s market, at your doorstep, when you want it A selection of super fresh, seasonal farm fresh vegetables. For the creative and experienced home chefs who like to wing it.

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On average, Farmer's Choice deliveries include about 18 servings of seasonal vegetables. 
Write to if you have any questions!


Creative Home Chefs Rejoice 

The farmer's market at your door. So get cookin' good lookin'! 


The freshest possible local, seasonal vegetables - delivered.

Perfect blend of variety, seasonality and freshness.

Fresh. Like, Really Really Fresh.

The Farmer's Choice plan, like all other Lettuce products, are focussed on getting ingredients from the farm to your doorstep in as short a time as possible. 

High Nutrient Density

Local, organically grown, and fresh means Lettuce meals are as nutrient dense as possible.

Variety, Year Round

Each Farmer???s Choice delivery, while relying on what???s in season, will always have a variety of vegetables to excite any chef???s imagination. Because we source from a network of local farmers, just because radishes are in season doesn???t mean you have to figure what to do with 5 pounds of them each week - something that often happens with CSA produce boxes.  


With generous quantities, and our quest to make fresh, local food affordable and accessible, the Farmer's Choice plan is priced to be great value for the money you spend on it. 

Reduce Food Waste 

With Farmer???s Choice ??? you receive a wide variety of vegetables in thoughtful quantities ??? so you have breadth in your cooking repertoire, and are wasting less. 
No more buying a big bunch of cilantro just to use a few sprigs in a recipe and having the rest rot in the fridge. We understand that ??? so the Farmer???s Choice includes only a few sprigs of a variety of herbs. 
Happy creative cooking! 

No More Packaging Waste


Every time you buy food that is individually-wrapped, you are contributing to the mountains of plastic waste collecting on land and sea.   

Unlike some other ways to cook meals, with Lettuce, there are no boxes to crush, no ice packs to throw away, no plastic bags to figure out what to do with: It???s a new, zero-waste approach to grocery shopping.  


That's the average number of trash items that you'll potentially save from going into the landfill as a Lettuce customer, every month. 



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