Produce, just better

Local, when in season. Organically grown on sustainable farms. Delivered to your door in zero-waste packaging. It's the farmers market, at your door. Better for you, our community, and the planet.

About Farmance

Farmance was born out of frustration with how things are in the world of produce. As consumers, getting great, locally grown produce without going to farmer’s markets is hard. And as farmers, finding and delivering to people who want to consume their sustainably grown produce is hard. In between is a huge gap - filled with grocery stores selling substandard produce that isn’t simply as good as it often looks, and a massive supply chain serving it.

About You - the Farmancer

Farmance is not for people looking to buy vegetables without regard to anything but the price. While Farmance prices are competitive - considering the freshness and nutritional density of what we deliver - there’s a larger mission behind it. Where it’s grown, how it’s grown, when it was picked, who’s the farmer - all that matters, how it was packaged and how it got to your kitchen - is all important. We hope you join us!

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It’s Local - When in Season

Locally grown is better because it means less distance travelled, better varieties, less packaging waste, less contact with synthetic materials, no spraying, waxing and cold storage to keep it from looking good, better for local economies, and more. Staple produce items that are not in season or do not grow in the areas (such as potatoes, onions, garlic) - those that are critical ingredients in a wide range of cuisines - not in season, or does not grow in the areas we serve.


With Farmance, your produce goes from the farm to your door in the shortest possible time. Fresher produce means higher nutrient density, no preservatives, and better taste.

Higher Nutritional Density

Produce that travels long distances is often grown in mega mechanized farms, in compromised, overused soils, from seeds modified to support looks over nutrition, using unsustainable farming practices. On Farmance, you get produce that doesn’t suffer from these challenges.


All of the above combine to give our produce bolder tastes, earthy flavors and brighter colors. Some varieties are grown using heirloom seeds - resulting in exotic tastes not easy to find anywhere else.

Good Prices

Aside from growing your own food (which we encourage everyone to do!), this is just about the best produce money can buy. For the quality, and the convenience of free delivery, Farmance has the best prices around. In other words, buying here will not cost you the whole paycheck, while being better - for you, our community and the planet. How do we make this possible? By tweaking and simplifying every step in the local food supply chain, creating partnerships with farmers and distributors, using technology effectively and giving up some of our margins to pass on the savings to you. That's how we're doing our part in helping local move forward.

Support New Sustainable Farmers

There is a growing rank of sustainable farmers. This positive trend needs your support. You can help, by buying local produce - through Farmance or elsewhere.

Less Food Waste

40% of food grown in the US is wasted. This is a modern travesty wrought by the modern long-distance supply chain. A local, traceable network of farmers and consumers, such as Farmance, reduces food waste dramatically.

Picked Well, Not Picked Through

Every produce item that gets into your delivery is handpicked by a food professional. That matters - and it’ll show, in every delivery you receive. And if what you receive is anything less than fresh - just let us know and we will refund you.

Zero Packaging Waste

How many single-use clamshells and plastic bags does it take to feed a single family? Any way you shop today for produce, it’s likely dozens every week! With Farmance, it’s a simple round number: Zero! We deliver your produce in reusable containers and bags. Simply put them out front at the next delivery - they’ll be sanitized and reused.

Know More

Knowledge is power. And Farmance gives it to you, by clearly identifying the farm where the produce was grown, and posting regular updates on each item - recipes, nutritional information, season updates and more, right here on You are invited to ask questions and add your own inputs as well, right on the page of each item.