FAQs about Trashless Tags

  • 1-inch, round, vinyl adhesive stickers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave-safe
  • Private & secure
  • Good for helping people return your items to you
  • Able to track location in the background
  • Electronic
  • Battery-powered
  • Us! We’re Trashless. We work to reduce waste with our Lost & Found Tags, zero-waste grocery delivery, and swappable to-go beverage cups and food containers.


  • Get the app (or scan your new Tag—and follow the link to the app) and sign up.
  • Scan your new Tag with the app, and follow the setup process.
  • Stick it to a flat, dry surface of whatever you want.
  • If you have any problems or questions, you can text Trashless at +1.512.399.2525.
  • Enjoy!

Kids items: bottles, clothing, lunch boxes, books, workbooks, pencil boxes, backpacks, mobile devices, computers, tablets, strollers

Electronics: laptops, desktops, phones, earphones, tablets, consoles, VR headset, headphones, airpods

Containers: bottle, cup, food container, flask

Bags: suitcase  backpack, grocery bag, tote bag


Credit cards

Clothing: jacket, dress, kids' clothing

IDs: passports, driver's licenses, company id

Tools: drills, hammers, pliers

Printed materials: book, notebook

Bikes & accessories:  helmet, pump

Vehicles: car, truck, motorbike, scooter, e-scooter

Wallets: men's wallet  ladies purse


Watersports: paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, boats


Boxes: packaging boxes, moving boxes

Pets: dog, cat

and whatever else is prone to wander

  • Anyone who owns something they don’t want to lose. But Tags are especially helpful for:
    • Kids and their parents, guardians, or caretakers
    • School teachers & staff
    • Recreational outdoor adventurers
    • Sports teams & equipment managers
    • Commuter cyclists
    • Frequent flyers
    • Passenger drivers & transit staff (Uber, Lyft, buses, trains)
    • Construction & maintenance professionals
    • Construction & maintenance professionals
    • Photography & video rental houses
    • People who’ve considered Tiles or AirTags, but don’t want the high cost, battery management, or privacy uncertainty

Managing my Tags

  • You can change a Tag’s nickname, photo, cash reward, finder message, and other details at any time in the app.
  • Currently, the item category cannot be changed.
  • Coming soon: In the app, you can transfer a Tag to another user if you donate or sell an item.
  • When you mark an item “lost” in the app, it adds a red “lost” banner to the page that a finder sees when they scan your item’s Tag.
  • You don’t need to mark an item “lost” for someone to be able to scan the item’s Tag or get it back to you.

When an item is found

  • Someone who finds your lost item can either scan the QR code with a smartphone camera or type in the web address printed on the tag.
  • The Tag-specific webpage that a finder sees allows them to send the current location of your item, send you a message via Trashless text messaging relay, or both.
  • You can view and reply to messages in the Trashless app. The finder replies back via text message.
  • Neither person’s contact info is revealed to the other—Trashless relays the messages back and forth.
  • SAFETY: Please keep your safety in mind when getting your lost item back. Either meet in a public place, take a friend, or have the finder drop off the item someplace safe.
  • The owner is responsible for paying out the reward for a returned item, whether by cash or by payment app. Trashless is not involved in this payment.
  • The finder is not responsible for any damage to a lost item.

Privacy & security

  • Tags are intentionally not able to passively track the location of you or your items.
  • Location data is only sent to the Tag owner when the finder selects the “Share location once” button. To share the location again, the finder must select that button again.
  • The public webpage that a finder sees when they scan your tag includes this data, if you’ve provided it:
    • Item nickname
    • Item type
    • Item type
    • Message for finder
    • Monetary reward
    • If the item is marked as lost
  • If the finder sends you their location or sends a message, that does not reveal your contact info.

Applying Tags to clothing & fabrics

  • Purchase heat transfer material of your choice. (We recommend Avery.)
  • Make a photocopy of the Tag onto the heat transfer material. (You can increase the size of the copy to your preference.)
  • Cut out the copied Tag and follow the instructions to transfer it onto the piece of clothing.

Getting support for Tags

Still need help? Text chat with a real person! Text Trashless Support at +1-512-399-2525. Messaging rates may apply.