Coyote Creek

All sustainable. All the time. Coyote Creek is inspired by family. In 1997 Jeremiah Cunningham established Coyote Creek in hopes to improve soil, grow lush pastures to raise beef cows and have chickens for eggs. And he wanted to make sure his family had only the best and safest meats. Today his farm still thrives and his animals reside in those lush green pastures, their feed is free of GMO’s and by-product, and best of all they’re local.

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The Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill & Farm team consists of a hardworking group of men and women led in day to day operations by two smart, capable, and dedicated women; Feed Mill General Manager, Brooke Hobby, and Farm & Eggs General Manager, Jenny Myers, and is backed by the owners and managing members of World's Best Eggs, LLC. Dedication to changing America's Food System is the principal on which Coyote Creek was founded. They envision a world where healthy, chemical free food and livestock feeds to "Grow Your Own" are easy and affordable to access locally from family farms like this.

We are dedicated to sustainable, organic, and local farming and ranching practices, coupled with the humane treatment of animals. Our vision is clear: revitalize rural middle-class family farms by teaching families efficient and effective farming practices.

What's so great about pasture-raised eggs?

The world's best eggs. That is a big claim for this local Texan farmer. Many of us are familiar with the terms “Pasture Raised” or “Free Roaming”, although these are wonderful attributes for sustainable farming, they can often be misleading. Pasture raised could mean that there are over crowded fields with chickens eating nothing but grains and the limited bugs they find outside. Free roaming can allude to chickens roaming in a barn with limited outdoor access. Jeremiah Cunningham’s uses the most sustainable and ethical ways to produce, you guessed it, the world's best eggs. With the help of mother nature herself, Jeremiah Cunningham proudly produces the most nutrient dense eggs because of his lush green and happy chickens. The most important aspect of raising happy healthy chickens is what they eat. Over the years Coyote Creek has welcomed back dung beetles, earthworms and a plethora of other creatures who couldn't survive in the once dry and infertile fields. His chickens have unlimited access to eat all the creepy crawlies they want including a specialized feed that’s fresh, free of GMO’s and best of all tasty. When hens lay their eggs, all that nutrients they consume is transferred into the eggs which makes them extremely nutrient dense. You can actually see the difference when compared to traditional store bought eggs. If this hasn’t convinced you that these are the best eggs in the world I guess you’ll have to try them yourself and let us know what you think. Zero Waste. Sustainably farmed. From the happiest chickens in Texas.

Factory Farming: The Facts

Factory farming has been the conventional process for both egg and meat production for years. Battery cages were created for man not chicken. Sharp edges, not easily cleaned, and hens on top of each other, but it allows workers to gather eggs easier. Because the hens are stressed, fed byproduct, GMO's and fattening grains and often sick the eggs lack significant nutrients.