Connie Joe is a woman of resilience, history and a whole lot of love. She started cooking at the age of 4 with her mother on a plantation where the family lived and worked. By the time she was 8 she was preparing all the meals for her family of 6, and at 12 she was baking bread. Everything she used to cook was from the land, as fresh as it gets and always made by hand.

Connie Jo's Creations 

Available in: Austin

A little soul in your soup never hurt anybody...

Not only does she love what she makes but Connie is an accomplished jazz and blues singer. She has worked with several legends in music, including Freddie Hubbard, Howard Briggs, John Handy, Kermit Scott, Pete Escovedo, Ames Martin and James Polk. No one can classify this lady as jazzy, because she takes command of any type of song and transforms it into an experience with her gifted vocal cords. The Trashless team has gotten to know Connie well. Partially because every time she drops off her newest batch of Connie Jo favorites, she honks until someone comes out to help her. Always smiling, always excited for everyone to eat what she made knowing we’ll love it. How can you not? “Trashless brings you the best meals that you’ve never had before” -Connie Jo Kirk
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