CO2 for YOU

CO2 for YOU is a local sparkling water dispenser 60L cylinder refill delivery service. This is the most convenient, environmentally friendly and cheapest way to make your drinks fizzy.

Carbon Dioxide, Without the Carbon Footprint.

The Most Convenient, Eco Friendly and Cheapest Way to Fizz Up!

Order a refill or a new cylinder, we’ll deliver it to your door, and pick up the empty one (any brand). Our cylinders work with major brand name dispensers purchased in the US and Europe. They are refilled locally within the area of service.

How It Works

  1. Refills:

    • Start here, pick a delivery date, number of cylinders, and press Order.
    • On the day of delivery, put the empty cylinder out front. A refilled cylinder will be dropped off in a reusable Trashless bag, and the empty ones picked up.
    • To get another refill, simply Scan the QR code on the cylinder and press Order again.

    That’s it - getting your drinks fizzed up doesn’t get any simpler!

    Price includes delivery fee. Yup - you read that right. Delivery is free!

    The cylinder you return can be of any brand/manufacturer, as long as it is one that fits a standard 60L sparkling water maker (including Soda Stream and DrinkMate).



New Cylinder:

Start here, pick a delivery date, number of cylinders, and press Order. 

You will receive a new Trashless CO2 for YOU manufactured and branded cylinder on the delivery day in a reusable Trashless bag.

These cylinders work with all standard 60L dispensers for the US and European markets (including Soda Stream and DrinkMate).

When you run out, simply follow the Refill process above.

We recommend having a total of 3 cylinders - 2 getting refilled (make use of the volume discount), while you use the third filled one.

Easiest Way to Fizz Up!

Say NO to:

Schlepping cans and bottles

Crushing boxes

Running out of soda water just when you want it

Packing empty cylinders in boxes, putting on labels, and taking them to the post office

Say YES to:

Sparkling drinks when you want them, how you want them

Free delivery of cylinders to your door

Reorder by simply scanning the QR code and tapping Order. Or put it on a Subscription plan.


Carbon Dioxide Without the Carbon Footprint

CO2 for YOU is the Most Eco-friendly Way to Fizz Up Your Drinks


Aluminum Cans

While aluminum cans are better that plastic, their entire lifecycle carries an enormous environmental impact:

Mining: A dirty, destructive process that causes the stripping of everything off the surface of the land.

Processing: Crushing, heating, cooling, reheating - energy intensive processes that leave behind a toxic sludge.

Smelting: Ecologically damaging process that emits greenhouse gases and toxins into the atmosphere.

Transportation: From point to point to point and more, before the water gets to you. 

Recycling: Americans recycle cans only 54% of the time, which while better than throwing it into the trash, is also an energy intensive process. 

Kick the can, get the cylinder.

Plastic Bottles

Consider these facts:

  • 99% of plastic is fossil fuel.
  • It takes .25L of oil and 2L of water to make a 1L plastic bottle.
  • Only 12% of plastic is actually recycled. 
  • 50% of what we put in the recycling bin never gets recycled.
  • 35 billion empty water bottles are thrown away in the US each year.

And more . . .

Kick the bottle, get the cylinder.



Refills Shipped Long Distance

Cardboard boxes, labels, ground transportation, flights and what not - JUST to get something we breathe - CO2 - into a cylinder and into your home. How ridiculous!

CO2 for YOU gets your drinks fizzy, without all this waste.

The Safest Way to Fizz Up

Water in cans and plastic bottles comes in contact with harmful chemicals that are leached into the drink in micro quantities.

With a soda dispenser and the CO2 for YOU service, you’ll be fizzing up the drinks you like to drink anyway - not ones that comes from unknown sources far away, packaged in harmful.

Fizz up the drinks you like to drink. Not what comes in contact with plastic, linings and what not - the harmful effects of which are proven. 


And Cheaper Too? No Way!

YES Way!


These cylinders fizz up about 60L of drinks per refill (depending on level of fizziness you like). That’s about 10 cents per 12 fl oz.

This is cheaper than getting sparkling water / drinks any other way.

Safety Guidelines

Read and download our safety guidelines.









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