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From Aug 07, 2022 to Aug 13, 2022
Baked Cod and Tomato Herb Butter Sauce (PES, GF) - $22.00

Your mouth will water just thinking about this buttery tomato herb sauce, but the light and flaky baked cod keeps the richness in check. We paired it with simple, garlic roasted fingerling potatoes. This meal is Gluten-free, Nut-free & Egg-free. Contains Dairy

Thai Curry with Salmon (OMN, NV, GFO, PES, DF) - $24.00

Two words to describe this meal: Rich and creamy. But don't worry, we added plenty of summer vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and baby kale add earthy sweetness to the coconut milk-based sauce. This meal is Gluten-free, Nut-free, Dairy-free & Egg-free

Moroccan Fish and Tomato Skillet with Couscous (PES, DF) - $22.00

The deep, savory tomato-y-ness of this dish will keep you coming back for more. And that depth paired with Moroccan spices? So rich and satisfying. We added some straightforward couscous for balance and toasted almond slivers for crunch. This meal is Dairy-free & Egg-free. Contains Gluten & Nuts

Welcome to a fish-lover’s best friend. Quick to prepare crowd-pleasers, all the recipes in this plan contain sustainably sourced fish, local produce and high-quality delectable spices, sauces, cheeses and grains.

3 recipes/week. Choose options:
- 2 OR 4 Persons
- Base - produce, spices and sauces (available for 4 persons only), OR Complete (Base + Meat/fish/protein, cheeses, grains and more).
- Printed OR Digital recipe cards
Swap, reduce, add recipes or skip, anytime.

A la Carte (Complete Plans only):
Pick any number of recipes below -> Select 1 time -> Order (Web site only, not available on mobile app yet).

Recipes change every week on Thursday at 5pm Central Time. A set of recipes apply to deliveries between the subsequent Sunday and Saturday.

More information is on the Details tab below.

Produce, spices, sauces, meat/fish/protein, cheeses, grains and more. Printed/Digital recipes. 2/4 Servings each.

Swapping Recipes:
At the time of subscribing -> select the recipes for the current week and then press Order.
When you have a regular subscription -> Click on the My Deliveries icon on the top right -> Click the edit button on an upcoming delivery item -> Pick recipes you like -> Click Save.
NOTE: Recipe selection is available on the Web site only. Coming soon to the Trashless mobile apps.

You can simply also text or email us the choices, swaps and any other changes you’d like to make and we will do them for you: 512.826.6556 or

These depend on each recipe. Click on the details for each recipe to find out its ingredients (Web only, not available on mobile app yet).

Inner Chef sources ingredients from local farms and producers, when possible. In the Austin service area, we source from:
Gundermann Acres, Wharton County, TX
Fagan Family Farm, Kyle, TX
Lone Star Herbs, League City, TX
G&S Groves, Mission, TX
The Farm Patch, Pleasanton, TX
Kitchen Pride, Gonzales, TX
Fruitful Hill Farm, Bastrop, TX
J&B Farms, Hondo, TX
Martinez Farms, Pleasanton, TX
J&B Farms, Hondo, TX
Village Farms, Marfa, TX
Animal Farm, Cat Spring, TX
Bouldin Food Forest, Rogers, TX
Buena Tierra Farms, Fredonia, TX
Dilorio Farms, Hempstead, TX
Engel Farms, Fredericksburg, TX
Good Flow Honey, Austin, TX
Hairston Creek Farms, Burnet, TX
Hifi Mycology, Austin, TX
James Farm, Prairie Ronde, LA
Homestead Gristmill, Waco, TX
K. H. Farms, Poteet, TX
Lone Star Herbs, League City, TX
Pedernales Valley Farms, Federicksburg, TX
Lightsey Farms, Mexia, TX
Texas Olive Ranch, Carrizo Springs, TX
Thomas Kindle, Grand Saline, TX
Top of Texas, Farwell, TX
US Citrus, Hargill , TX
Bella Verdi, Dripping Springs, TX
Country Boy Farms, Kennard, TX
Francis and Thatcher, Manor, TX

Honey Doe Farms, Madisonville, TX (goat cheese)
Volleman’s Dairy, TX, 1836 Dairy, TX (dairy products)
Coyote Creek Farms, TX (eggs)
NestFresh, Gonzales, TX (eggs)

Cooks Venture, Decatur, AR, Green Pastures Chicken, TX (pasture raised heirloom poultry)
Berkwood Farms, Des Moines, IA (pork)
Capra Foods Lamb Cooperative, Goldthwaite, TX (lamb)
44 Farms, Cameron, TX (beef)
among others.

Inner Chef sources fish from sustainable sources around the world.

Our built-in composting program ensures that whatever little waste you do have, along with your other regular food scraps does not end up in the landfill, and instead turns into fertilizer for local farms. Use the tubs the produce, sauces and spices come in as compost bins for the rest of the week, and send them back.


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Distance Travelled: 10 miles

From Austin, TX, USA to Austin, TX, USA

Weight: 5.25 lbs

Distance Score: 10

Packaging Waste Prevented: 5

Volume: 150 fl.oz.

Packaging Score: 187



Sustainable Production Score: 9



Inner Chef Meal Kits sources produce, meats and other ingredients that are mostly either locally sourced and/or organic. It received those items in bulk, either directly from local farms or from distributors. The kits are assembled into reusable containers by hand at the Trashless refrigerated facility in Austin. These are packed into reusable bags and are delivered to customers. The only meal-kit ingredients that are in single-use plastic packaging are meat and fish, as per city health department rules, in addition to items like tofu that come pre-packaged.

The reusable containers serve as compost bins for Inner Chef customers. Food compostables can be put back into those containers and sent back to Trashless at the time of the next delivery. Those compostables are then sent to local farms to be used as food for pigs or composted into fertilizer.

Compared to other meal-kit delivery companies, Inner Chef meal-kits are as sustainable and packaging waste free as is possible.

Note: The weights and volumes for each recipe has been averaged across multiple recipes.

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