This is about as close to having a personal chef, without, well, having a personal chef. Chef Rudy Gutierrez - Chef G for short is a master chef, with vast culinary experience. Every week he creates 6 unique dishes for a limited clientele, out of his state of the art professional kitchen, using a talented, trusted staff and the best possible ingredients. Tired of throwing money on disposable packaging and time managing delivery drivers, he is partnering with Trashless to do all that, so he can do what he loves to do: cook for you. His specialty is well-balanced meals, fit for bodies and minds that play hard and work hard. Each meal has consistent hand-crafted quality, fresh local ingredients (when possible), signature flair and beautiful presentation. Note: Chef G’s meals are currently available only for Monday delivery, and need to be ordered by Friday, 12 noon. We recommend you subscribe to this meal plan so you don’t miss out on a single meal. Serve them for dinner, and grab a box and take it with you for lunch - you’ll enjoy a healthy, guilt free meal.

Weekly Meal Plan 

Single Meals