Let’s save trees by giving delivery boxes a second life

Certified Pre-used Boxes from Trashless makes it easy.

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Single-use cardboard delivery boxes cause serious damage to our environment

Production and transportation pollution

Most boxes are made from virgin forests, processed in polluting, water and energy hogging mills, and transported long distances . . .

For orders to get delivered to your door - just ONCE.


There’s more to boxes. Many reuses more.

Give your perfectly good delivery boxes more than one life, and even earn a little bit of money in the process. Send delivery boxes that are in good shape to Trashless for reuse in deliveries around the US and beyond.


1. Get Trackers

Invest just $5, and receive 25 Tracker stickers (20 cents per box) to put on your boxes.

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2. Send Boxes

Flatten them. Stick Trackers. Ship them to Trashless.

3. Get Credit Back

Trashless inspects all boxes received - for quality, safety and integrity. Contributors of approved boxes get a credit back of 60 cents - tripling your original investment!


Join the Circular Economy

The Trashless Market is a marketplace of sustainably produced, packaged and shipped products - a community of businesses and consumers coming together to achieve sustainability goals together. Trashless Market is where you can use your credit from Certified Pre-used Boxes to purchase hundreds of amazing, healthy, sustainably produced, in zero-waste packaging and delivered in, well, Certified Pre-used Boxes!


How is this environmentally more sustainable?

In four key ways . . .


Planting trees is great, saving them is even better

1% of the Amazon is being deforested every year. Forests elsewhere are going through the same impact. Where else are most of the 10 BILLION delivery boxes used by Amazon.com just in the US coming from? All this is a direct cause of climate change. Reusing boxes again and again reduces your carbon footprint. Join the movement where small actions by a lot of people can result in a big impact.


Resource hog factories

Paper products production uses significant amounts of energy, water and transportation fuel. For instance, depending on the mill, it takes between 2 and 13 liters of water to produce a single A4-sheet of paper, making it the single largest industrial consumer of water in Western countries. When boxes are reused, this waste is prevented.


From the forest to the warehouse

The entire cycle of the production and use of cardboard to its getting to your door results in the consumption of significant amounts of transportation fuel: from the forest to the mill to distribution centers to shippers’ warehouses to you. Yes, there is transportation involved in sending boxes to Trashless for reuse. But that transportation occurs for new boxes as well - it’s not like they magically appear at a shipper’s warehouse! So, in reality, there isn’t any additional transportation taking place when boxes are sent to Trashless for reuse. To reduce the transportation footprint, we aim to create regional technology-driven reuse networks - which will result in pre-used boxes going to local shippers for certification and reuse. We invite you to join us.


Reuse is better than recycling

While recycling is great, it takes energy, transportation, water and other resources - including the establishment of capital intensive recycling facilities that come out of taxpayer money. Meanwhile, recycling facilities almost everywhere are already overwhelmed - resulting in a lot of recyclables going to landfill. Materials, including paper, can't be recycled infinitely. So even if every recyclable box did get recycled, more will still be needed made from virgin materials to keep up with demand. Boxes on the other hand, especially well made ones, can be reused quite a few times. And the system of accountability we have created ensures quality is maintained at every step, and end of life of the materials is managed professionally.

It's easy (and cheap) to get started.  

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