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Single-use cardboard delivery boxes cause serious damage to our environment. Most are made from virgin forests, processed in polluting, water and energy hogging mills, and transported long distances . . . for orders to get delivered to your door - just ONCE.

Now you can give your perfectly good delivery boxes more than one life, and even earn a little bit of money in the process. Send delivery boxes that are in good shape to Trashless for reuse in deliveries around the US and beyond.

How Certified Pre-used Boxes (CPB) work:
1. Get Trackers
Invest just $5, and receive 25 Tracker stickers (20 cents per box) to put on your boxes.

2. Send Boxes
Check boxes for size and integrity; flatten them, and remove prior labels and tape as much as you can without compromising the box (see the details tab for more). Put Tracker stickers on the top side, and scan them using the Trashless mobile app (takes less than 5 seconds). You can even write a fun note on the Tracker sticker, like ‘From Austin with Love!’. Then put the boxes in your usual Trashless delivery bags for pick up (in Austin), or into another box and send them to us at: 3913 Todd Lane, Suite 618, Austin, TX 78744.

3. Get Credit Back
Trashless inspects all boxes received - for quality, safety and integrity. Contributors of approved boxes get a credit back of 60 cents - tripling your original investment (and more or less covering any shipping costs)!

Credits get automatically applied to any purchases on Trashless. Or, using the Trashless mobile app, the credits can be withdrawn to Paypal/Venmo, donated to organizations working on environmental sustainability, or used to tip the Trashless team.

Let’s give the tens of billions of delivery boxes discarded every year a well deserved second life, and help our environment in the process. We look forward to you joining us in our mission to save trees, prevent waste and make the planet a better place for our future generations!

For existing Trashless Grocery customers, there is no additional pick up fee, beyond the regular delivery fee schedule.

The Trackers are sent via USPS mail.

Trashless is building an ecosystem with trust and accountability at its core. That is where these Trackers come in - they are designed to ensure the ecosystem has integrity, and everyone’s contribution is recognized and measurable via our impact reports.

There are costs involved in producing and sending you these Trackers, picking up/handling the boxes, inspecting and certifying them. That is what this minimal investment is for.

And, when we receive boxes that are certified as reusable, your investment is returned 3x.

Without any personally identifiable information revealed, the trackers enable meaningful information about the reuse of the boxes. Such as, a notification will inform you which city a box you contributed is enroute to, and the environmental impact of that journey.

Note: Any boxes we receive without Trackers will be discarded.

The boxes will be used by Trashless to ship its products to customers beyond its local delivery areas.

As this program continues to grow, we may consider starting a marketplace for other shippers to get CPBs from us - saving them money and helping them gain carbon credits.

You can send delivery boxes from any site / service that are in ‘like new’ condition.

Simply put, please don’t send a box that you would not be comfortable receiving a delivery in. Of course, Trashless will inspect each box before certifying it fit for reuse.

Please DO NOT send:
- Boxes with any holes, even one
- Boxes with staples on them
- Boxes that don’t flatten normally
- Boxes previously used for medical supplies
- Boxes that have had contact with any liquid, including water

Please scroll through the pictures above for a better understanding of the acceptable dimensions.

HEIGHT: Not more than 12 inches (the width of the large Trashless delivery bag).
WIDTH + LENGTH: Not more than 28 inches combined. The box should not jut out of the bag more than 16 inches.

1. Cut the tape cleanly all around. Remove prior labels as best as you can - definitely the ones with any sender and recipient information, barcodes or QR codes.
2. Fold the flaps of the box towards the INSIDE. The video here shows a simple way to do that - it takes less than 15 seconds per box: https://cdn.trashless.com/video/Certified_Pre_Box.mp4
3. Place the flattened box in the large Trashless bag vertically (Austin customers), or into another box.

Please do not exceed these dimensions - it will cause unnecessary inconvenience to the delivery drivers and our team.

In four key ways:
1. It save trees
Most cardboard boxes are made from virgin wood from forests cut for this purpose. On average, about 150 boxes come from 1 tree. Based on how many boxes are used in the US each year, that’s the equivalent of 493 million trees, or 1.5 trees per person per year. By sending your boxes for reuse, you are doing your part to prevent this from happening, a tree at a time.

2. Production
Paper products production uses significant amounts of energy, water and transportation fuel. For instance, depending on the mill, it takes between 2 and 13 liters of water to produce a single A4-sheet of paper, making it the single largest industrial consumer of water in Western countries. When boxes are reused, this waste is prevented.

3. Travel
The entire cycle of the production and use of cardboard to its getting to your door results in the consumption of significant amounts of transportation fuel: from the forest to the mill to distribution centers to shippers’ warehouses to you. When you send boxes to Trashless for reuse, you are eliminating all of that transportation, except of course the last one or two nodes, depending on the contributor’s location.

4. Recycling
While recycling is great, it takes energy, transportation, water and other resources - including the establishment of capital intensive recycling facilities that come out of taxpayer money. Further, recycling facilities almost everywhere are overwhelmed. Reuse is again better than recycling.


Every reuse of a box - both by the contributor and the recipient of goods gets added to individual and collective environmental impact reports.

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