Trashless is creating the environmentally and economically sustainable consumption economy of the future.

We are in an unprecedented crisis


The Planet

Everyday single-use waste is a major cause of CO2 emissions & environmental degradation



Unmet sustainability goals, overloaded waste collection infrastructure 



Bearing the cost & blame for wasteful packaging, with no easy, end-to-end, cheaper alternative 



Low-waste options are few, pricey, inconvenient, clumsy, and low-tech

What we do

We Help Prevent Waste 

Trashless is creating a technology-enabled network of reusables, and supporting infrastructure. 

We are evolving paradigms that eliminate waste from everyday life, while being financially more attractive and creating a better experience for everyone.


How we’re making reusables better than disposables, in every possible way 



Creating delightful digital and physical consumer interfaces. 

- Mobile, online ordering
- Smart scans
- Find locations 



Every reusable object in the network is tracked at various points

- Mobile, online ordering
- Smart scans
- Find businesses 



State of the art systems for efficient operations and logistics for participants in the supply chain

- Delivery tracking 
- Stellar support 
- Efficient sanitation & refilling 



Realtime measurement of environmental impact based on global standards 

- Climate analysis 
- Carbon credits (coming soon)  
- Reports on blockchain (coming soon) 

Products and services

From packaging waste generated by grocery items, to single-use beverage containers, food delivery and personal items lost and never found again . . .

. . . Trashless is eliminating waste from everyday consumer life through products and services that are easier, cheaper, measurable, scalable and fun.

Trashless Groceries 

Trashless Groceries is reinventing grocery shopping into a no-waste experience - through partnerships with local producers, national brands, delivery services, and retailers large and small. The beta started in Spring, 2020 in Austin with a milkman-style grocery delivery service that has seen steady word of mouth growth, informing our development of technology, product lines, and partnerships. Trashless Groceries’ products and services are poised for rollout in new markets directly and through retail and delivery partners.

Trashless Takebacks

Trashless Takebacks is a network of reusables that aims to eliminate tens of billions of single-use beverage cups and food containers across sports & entertainment events, arenas, fast-food, corporate break rooms, cinemas, coffee shops and more. Working with several major partners - distributors, manufacturers, sports teams, leagues, chains, venues, large caterers, office service providers, cities, universities - Trashless aims to establish open networks of reusable containers, locations that use them, dedicated drop off bins, the technology touchpoints and logistics & infrastructure that move them around.

Trashless Tags

Lost items represent a lot of individual and collective waste. Travel documents - waste of time to get new ones made; kids belongings - often land up in trash; electronics - ending up in a drawer somewhere or resold; personal notebooks - waste of work and effort . . .  bikes, water bottles, clothes, helmets, backpacks, wallets, suitcases, and of course, keys  - the list goes on. Trashless Tags are simple and cost effective solution to this huge problem. 

Measurable impact

Trashless is helping
turn the tide of waste

Trashless partners and 
customers are making a huge 
impact on the environment and 
their health—all while saving 
time and money.

Track your individual impacts 
in the app.



kg CO2 emissions prevented



oz less plastic ingested



pieces of plastic trash prevented



miles of shipping prevented