Trashless - Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing our products at operated by Trashless, Inc.

Before you proceed to read the more detailed and legal parts of this Refund Policy, there is one thing we’d like you to know: We take great pride in what we deliver to our customers, and how we do it. We strive for the highest standards in product quality and fanatic customer service. We are here to serve you, and will do our very best to ensure that you are happy with your Trashless experience. Please chat, email, text or call us and we get right on it!

Produce, meal kits, ready to eat food items

Please let us know as soon as possible if you find any issues with your delivery of fresh items. Due to the nature of these items, our supply chains, and schedules, each situation is addressed differently based on the circumstances and what you’d like us to do. In most cases, we will replace the items as soon as possible, or issue credits/refunds, and strive to ensure those things don’t happen again.

Pantry and non-food items

If you experience any issues with these items, or are unhappy with them in anyway, please contact us. Depending on the issue, we will deliver a replacement at the next available delivery date or issue a credit to your account, or take other appropriate action.

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